Will Volkswagen’s Car-Net Incorporate Features for Amazon Sellers?


In a recent article published on Forbes.com, Volkswagen (VW) has blatantly stated that they want to be “more like Amazon”. They’ve also stated that they plan to add a plethora of new features to their new range of cars.

Read on to learn how they plan to do this.

What’s Volkswagen’s Car-Net?

Standard in most of the VW models sold in the US, Car-net is based on the company’s desire for the “digitization of the automobile”. On their website, VW describes car-net as “[giving] advice, help[ing] you along the way, entertain[ing] you, and watch[ing] out for you. It connects you to the world outside all from the comfort of your driver’s seat. VW Car-Net is your partner in drive.

Basically, car-net allows you to use your phone through your car, run third-party apps, navigate and a whole lot more.

Volkswagen’s Amazon-like Plans for Car-Net

In their attempt to be more like Amazon, VW will introduce many new features for their consumers. A huge part of them include things that point towards a small, but important, affiliation with Amazon.

Here’s what they plan to introduce:

  • A payment method, for buyers and sellers (for online marketplaces, like Amazon)
  • Remote configuring
  • Back-seat entertainment services (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix)
  • Remote device set-up

Where Do Amazon Sellers Come in?

You must be thinking what all this has to do with Amazon sellers.

There are two main reasons why VW might include features for Amazon sellers in their new range. According to the article on Forbes, Amazon seems to be an inspiration for the car-net project by VW. Secondly, they plan to introduce payment methods for online shopping – and Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform in the world – especially Amazon US, where these features will most likely be introduced first.

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