Why AMZ Insight is the Perfect Amazon Research Tool for Private Labeling

You’ve come to the right place. Not only is Amazon the best place for anyone to launch their own brand, but our very own Amazon research tool makes the journey a whole lot easier.

Why Amazon is Perfect for Private Labels

If the product you’ve decided to sell is truly new and different, is found nowhere else and no one has conceived of the idea before (which frankly, is a one in a million chance), you might have a chance off-Amazon, but the truth is, you’ll have a much better chance to develop your product selling on Amazon.

Amazon has over a 100 million active customers. It is bigger than the next 12 online marketplaces combined and its Prime services reach at least half the households in America. It’ll be much simpler for you to get people to pay attention to your product if it carries Amazon’s stamp of approval (through their Private Label Selling).

Yes, there is the risk of having 20 other competitors entering your niche when you do launch your product but if you’re the first to start a product, you’re going to be its biggest seller and frankly, the rewards are completely worth the risk.

What AMZ Insight can do for Private Labels


Private Label Selling on Amazon is much tougher than simple retail because you will have to go through a much more rigorous process to get to Amazon’s customers. Once you get approval, though, you still need to make sure the right customers notice you.

Here’s how AMZ Insight helps:

Is Your Product Truly Unique?


Find out if your product really is as good as you think it is by researching who your potential customers can be.

  • Use your product’s primary keyword to conduct a simple search
  • The results will display top 5 products in your niche
  • Check out these products’ Amazon pages

What Price Should You Charge?


Since yours is a new product in the market, you might not know the appropriate going-rate for it. Through AMZ Insight:

  • You can search for similar products or for other products in the niche.
  • Discover their average, maximum and minimum price points.
  • Price your products accordingly.

Is Your Private Label Product Appealing to Customers?


When you launch a new product, you might have done your market research but you can never be 100% sure if customers like your product.

When New Competitors Enter the Market

As we stated before, when you sell on Amazon, you run the risk of getting heavy competition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle these competitors.

  • Enable tracking on competing products to get details on their Amazon rank tracking, price tracking and other data.
  • Simultaneously, follow them on social media to keep track of marketing activities
  • See how these correspond with an increase in their Amazon sales
  • Alter your own strategies, likewise.