Unpacking The AMZ Insight Free Amazon Research Tool


You may have heard that AMZ Insight is now offering its Amazon product database tool for free with 10 days trial to startups looking to enter the online selling space and to enterprises wanting to expand their businesses.

Our free tool is tailor-made for businesses that want to explore new horizons, keep an eye on old ones and join the pro seller’s club on Amazon.

Our Packages for Amazon Sellers

Our packages cater to different kinds of sellers on amazon.

  1. Researcher package for 10-days FREE – for startups (100 credits)
  2. Professional package for 10-days FREE– for medium-sized firms (250 credits)
  3. Specialist package for 10-days FREE– for medium-sized firms (500 credits)
  4. Warrior package for 10-days FREE – for enterprises (1000 credits)

Choose your favorite and Subscribe NOW.

Discover New Products on Amazon

We also have stellar features for Amazon startups (and old sellers) looking for new products. Here’s how we help you unearth a profitable product to sell:

  • Keyword Idea Generator: While this feature will primarily tell you which new keywords to use, you can take a common keyword to mean a popular product on Amazon. In effect, the more the keywords, the more the product options.
  • Keyword Popularity Meter: So you’ve selected a product but are still unsure if it’ll sell. Run a simple keyword search on Amazon and you’ll be given a popularity meter (0 – 100) to help you make a final decision.

Tracking Capabilities

With AMZ Insight, you can enable tracking on your products and keywords, but that’s not all. Tracking is available for numerous other purposes:

  • Bestseller Rank Tracking: Record and keep an eye on your product’s ranking on Amazon and how it rises and falls over time.
  • Reviews’ Tracking: Stay in touch with customers, solve their problems and build a good rapport by tracking your customers’ reviews and rankings.
  • Amazon Sales Estimator: See estimated sales of any product that can be make on the basis of current Bestseller rank in a category.
  • Price Tracking: How are prices in your niche changing? Are competitors charging more or less? How have your products’ prices changed and what does that entail re sales?
  • Organic Rank Tracking: Where do you stand on Amazon if your marketing budget dried up? Discover via AMZ Insight

Live Chat Support

In a fix on Amazon? Or your Amazon software acting up?

Don’t worry. With our live chat support, we promise to kick out selling problems from your online life and help you make loads on Amazon.

  • 24-hour support: We promise issue resolution within a 24 hours’ time span.
  • Tech Assistance: The team that works on our tool also provides assistance to our main customer support teams for the truly baffling problems.
  • 5-star support: Our support team has constantly garnered positive reviews from customers and critics. So, you can be sure of a helpful and understanding experience.

Free Guidance to Sell More on Amazon

We release loads of free content regularly, every month for Amazon startups and enterprises. Our free guidance includes:

  • Onsite Blog: Updated multiple times a week with topics relevant to Amazon businesses.
  • Free eBooks: A new eBook every month, covering how-tos, research and Amazon secrets.
  • Social Media: We’re active on Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly post links to our valuable content