Harness the Power of a Smart Amazon Seller Software


As an Amazon seller, you always want to make more sales and beat your competitors to grow your business. As the competition on Amazon is growing day by day, there are now many new software vendors for Amazon sellers popping in the space. Most of these apps are promising boost in sales, business intelligence and spying on competitors, etc. making your decision making more complicated. Most of the software lacks the features you might be looking for or you might get those features in other software. As, it not only adds to the costs but also make it hard to manage tasks available in more than one software like products tracking, keywords ranking and Amazon SEO.


What An Actual Amazon Software Can Do?

To get all these tools and features in one bundle, being an author, I would recommend to opt for a smart Amazon research software with all in one solution. It will help boost your overall online sales on Amazon and will identify potential marketplaces to sell more. For example, you can track the products that you or your competitors sell on Amazon. You will get important stats about those products for decision making such as the sales volume, price tracking, reviews tracking, sales rank tracking and more. All these tracking details are constantly updated in one place that means no more going back and forth from one software to another.

Furthermore, you can add keywords to the products that you have added in tracking tool. A smart Amazon tool keeps a constant track of the ranks of those keywords. It displays the ranks in an easy to understand graph so you can identify the trend of each keyword rank and your competitors are ranked on targeted keywords.

Tracking negative reviews on Amazon is very much desired by the sellers because they always want to keep their customers happy by identifying the time they are unhappy and catering their needs. This is only possible when you respond to negative reviews in time and a smart solution for amazon sellers can help to achieve that. It will send you email alerts when it detects a review with a rating of three stars and less.

What else do you need? If you know which product niche is hot right now and you can identify the money making market for any niche using an intelligent Niche Analyzer tool.



Why not get started today? There is a free trial available for the AMZ Insight version 2.0. It has all in one smart tools that you need to strategically grow your Amazon business.