The Code Unlocked – Why to Use Amazon Tracking Tool

amazon tracking tool

Do you know each year, an average Amazon seller loses around 25% of his sales to his competitor, solely because of his unawareness of what actually is going around in his competitor’s tent. When it comes to business, whether online or physical, the situation is not different from a war-zone. Precision and calculation are important, in addition to that, an analysis of the opposite party’s strategies is of equal significance. But, the situation on Amazon is a bit different. Here, you don’t have to counter only a single opposition, but simply a lot of them, to be precise.

To become a successful Amazon seller, you do need to have a lot of statistical research under your belt in the respective category in which you are looking to sell your product. Since Amazon is like a virtual, product jungle (as one can sketch it in his mind), the horses in a seller’s mind do need a lot of stamina to cover all those aspects of selling on Amazon. This is where an Amazon tracking tool helps you in not only making your product available to greater audiences, but also in-turn increasing revenue for your product as well.

Following are few areas where an Amazon tracking tool, will lend you a helping hand in helping you achieve more on Amazon:-

“More Product Reviews= Higher Sales Revenue= Better Product Ranks”

The above mentioned equation is simple. I’m pretty much sure you don’t need much mathematical knowledge to understand that (although most of us hate mathematics). Consumers are fond of product reviews and they trust a product for buying due to them. In their opinion, something said about a product by a buyer, would be more legitimate as far as the product quality is concerned as compared to the product description described by the seller himself.

The more, reviews and ratings received by a product means the more revenue a product can earn and as mentioned above, Amazon is a gigantic marketplace, a self-management of the reviews can be back-breaking. Not only that, it can also divert the actual attention from the actual technical aspects of selling your product on Amazon. Amazon tracking software with the feature of managing reviews and ratings can help you, have your attention glued to the more technical aspects of selling your product on Amazon, such as shipping and the maintenance of the quality or any amendments which the product might require.

Furthermore, such review analysis can even help you understand the taste of the consumer.

The Recognition of Products which “Actually Sells”

Amazon is home to thousands of products. From baby food to a refrigerator, a purchaser can add the same products in his cart in the same marketplace. But as a seller, the first step towards kicking off your business, is the identification of a product which not only suits your profile but is also profitable to sell as well. A physical review of each Amazon niche would not take months, but would take a lot of effort as well. From the recognition of the most suitable category to selling the most suitable product, it is difficult. It won’t only require an analysis of Amazon price trends of the product but would also require an analysis of its previous sales history as well. Furthermore, the extent of the presence of competition will also be a major factor in deciding which product to sell.

Amazon tracking tool, equipped with product rank tracking, a sophisticated niche analysis system in combination with Amazon price tracker tool will not only help you in achieving more but might will also provide you a chance to convert your product into an “international celebrity”.