Santa Knows It All – Amazon Beginner Selling Tips For Maximum Profits


Have you ever thought that there are numerous ways to make online money other than blogging? There may be an option you hadn’t checked earlier. Yes, you got it right. You can start selling on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform catering thousands of traders worldwide. However, like all other startups, Amazon selling isn’t a no-brainer too. Get ready to know some of the most effective tips and tricks to jump-start your Amazon selling career NOW!

Registering as an Amazon Seller

Fortunately, Amazon makes it absolutely simple to sell on their site. What you just need to do is click at the ‘sell’ tab available at the top of each page and from there you can sign up either as an individual trader ( a seller who can’t sell over 40 items per month) or a professional seller (who sells more than 40 items per month).

Becoming an Amazon FBA Seller

One of the popular business opportunities these days is bcoming and Amazon FBA seller. The good news is it’s not strenuous to become a part of this program. With FBA, you don’t require to worry about maintaining and dispatching stock. Just purchase products, send them to Amazon and the rest will be handled by them.

Amazon Regulations for Sellers

  • Games and toys are usually permitted for everyone
  • Food and Clothes have certain rules as Amazon needs to confirm that you’ve actually made a good purchase and you’re not dealing in replicas. Similarly, Amazon pays strict attention to food items in order to make sure sellers aren’t selling anything expired or of low quality.
  • You may need to insert a UPC code to an item that doesn’t include one.
  • Moreover, Amazon also has some particular rules for item images. For instance, you cannot click a clothing item on hanger and it should be on a white backdrop.

Start Selling in Few Clicks

Instead of choosing obscure items, it’s highly advisable to begin selling with products which are already present in Amazon product database and are in demand. By using an Amazon market research tool, you can select which product to buy and sell and in which marketplace.

Win Amazon Buy Box

So, you just started selling on Amazon. Now what? Let’s work hard to get the Buy Box. Some of the aspects that help you earn the Buy Box include:

  • Low Price: Selling on low price is a great idea. However, instead of having the lowest price, opt for the most reasonable option
  • Buyer Feedback: The greater number of customer reviews will also help you get the Buy Box
  • Rating: Higher ratings leads to better results

Boost Your Amazon Sales

  • Sponsored Products: Amazon sponsored products ads ensure that your item listing appears on the first page of Amazon search for specific search wordings
  • Select Products with Low Competition: Increase your products’ visibility by picking items with less competition
  • Product Rank: The greater your item rank is for a particular product group, the more you’d be able to sell.

Amazon Selling on Christmas

Although you may be desirous to swiftly create a seller account in the month of December and avail the holiday rush. However, keep in mind, Amazon does keep rules concerning who can sell in the time of Christmas. In preceding years, there were traders who were only rushing in for the Christmas flow. However, if they were selling duplicate or sub-standard products, they could just escape after Holiday season.  To become a good Amazon seller, you need to have a well-established standing prior to the Christmas season.



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Matt Mikaelson
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