Protecting Your Amazon Listing from Other Sellers

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This post is especially for those Amazon sellers who are selling private label products on amazon and have built a brand to sell their own manufactured or imported items.

It is very common that many products on Amazon have several sellers who sell the similar items to the customers. If you as a seller have branded your product with your name or logo then other sellers may take the advantage of that by showing the similar details as of yours and attract your customers to buy their item. In this case you need to be very cautious about the sellers who are selling counterfeit or the similar version of your product. It is particularly frustrating for you as you have done all the hard work to build your brand.

Here are some ways you can protect your listings from other sellers and make it stand out.

Better Branding for Better Protection

Better branding on your products can always protect you from counterfeiters. Because, if your logo is clear and your packaging is catchy, then customer would look for it when they order. If they order from the counterfeit seller it will be easy to find out that their product does not have the logo that your product should have.

When you are taking the photos of your products, make sure that you clearly show the branding in the photos of product and the packaging. Also include the brand name in the product description in order to clearly differentiate it.

Brand Registration with Amazon

This is a simple step to follow, simply go to the page of brand registration and fill out the form. Here, you would need to have a website for that brand but a simple website that you can do quickly with WordPress or Shopify will meet the requirements.

One thing to notice here is that Amazon clearly mentions at registration that it would not prevent other sellers from selling the branded items which are similar of nature. But the brand registration allows you to fully control the listing and other seller may not change it without your consent. In case, someone sells fake product then with proof of photos and description you can have them removed.

Reach Directly the Counterfeit Seller

This point is important and very straightforward to protect your product listing. If you have spot the counterfeiting of your product then directly contact the seller and ask to remove the listing. You can contact them through the “Ask a Question” button that can be found on the profile.

Ask them to remove the listing of counterfeit product because they are misrepresenting the original brand and you are the real brand owner. Let them know you may contact Amazon to take the appropriate action. This is very simple and effective way to safeguard your brand listing and it normally works very well.

Contact Amazon

This is the last option to protect your listing and you want to use it when counterfeit seller have ignored your request and did not remove the listing. You can submit a complaint with Amazon against that seller. Before that you have to gather the evidences in the form of photos, and other details. You might have to buy the counterfeit product to gather the evidence, compare both listings and submit to Amazon.

If it is clear that there’s a fake version of your private label product being sold by another seller then Amazon will definitely take action against it. Amazon would never allow such practices that can hurt its customers’ experience.

By following above mentioned ways you can not only protect your brand but also develop your band with quality products. With successful marketing strategies you can easily beat counterfeit sellers who are trying to steal your sales.

Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
Marketing Executive
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