Privacy Policy

AMZ Insight’s Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, track, use, transmit, disclose and amass information via the users of the AMZ Insight website and keyword research tool. The Privacy Policy applies to the AMZ Insight website, tool and all other means of information amassing under the AMZ Insight umbrella.

The meaning of the words on this page has been defined as:

  • “AMZ Insight”, “We”, “Us”, “Our Team”, “the Team” – the employees and owners of AMZ Insight.
  • “You”, “Members”, “Users”– the customers of AMZ Insight or anyone using our software.

By using the AMZ Insight website and/or tool, you adhere to the following rules and regulations concerning our Privacy Policy.

  1. Private Information Accumulation: If you agree to use our market research software, you are also agreeing to authorize us to ask for information needed for you to successfully register and use our solution, website, content and any other service we may offer to you in the future. The data you disclose to us may include, but is not limited to, your legal full name, address, email address, PayPal or other payment details, such as your credit card number, and the like. This information may be asked for during account registration, membership subscription, subscribing for blog updates or whenever the customer chooses to sign up with any services initiated or offered by AMZ Insight.


  1. Non-personal Information Accumulation: We may also collect non-personal, sometimes public information, when you visit, or interact with, our website, use our software or use any of AMZ Insight’s facilities. This information may include data made available to us by the browser you use, technical data about your activity, the pages you’ve visited, the keywords you’ve used, the links you’ve shared and other user behavioral indicators on the website and software. AMZ Insight may also record material given to us by users’ internet service provider, such as your IP address and location.


  1. Cookie Use: Cookies include information recorded by the website on the computer you use and is transmitted back to the website when the user returns. AMZ Insight puts cookies to use in order to track and get back to their users, amass behavioral data, identify users, how they access the website and other similar user preferences. If users would prefer not to give out such information, they must disable cookies in their web browser. AMZ Insight will not be held for using public information if cookies are allowed and users’ information is transmitted to us. However, some of our facilities may not work without cookies.


  1. Use of Collected Information: The information you provide us with is used in the following ways:
    • To improve our customer service, feedback and support teams.
    • To improve our keyword research tool, our website and other products or services we may choose to provide in the future.
    • To create a better user experience and interface for all our services and products.
    • To process payments on a monthly basis, or as otherwise agreed upon.
    • To send periodic emails, newsletters and other relevant membership and/or user information.
    • To produce and run promotions, surveys, quizzes, analysis, contents or other promotional events and activities.
    • To give you complete access to our website and all related features.
    • To improve and better our overall performance.


  1. Protection of Collected Information: AMZ Insight takes the necessary measures to ensure the protection and safety of user information. Our security practices include storage, processing and digital signatures. We try to work hard against the disruption, destruction, duplication, theft and replication of your information, including your email ID, payment details, PayPal details, addresses and other informational that may help identify who you are. We do not, however, guarantee the protection of any user information disclosed to a third-party website which was accessed via AMZ Insight’s website or sponsored content.


  1. Distributing Your Information: AMZ Insight has a strict policy against selling, renting and trade of any user information. We can, however, share, transfer or transmit information across international borders to our teams spread out in different parts of the world.


  1. Changes: We may implement changes to this Privacy Policy whenever we deem feasible and without prior notice or warning to our users. We recommend going through this page occasionally to review changes, as they’ll be updated here.

You can contact us for any question regarding our Privacy Policy.