“Optimizing Product Listing and Sales Ranking for Amazon is Important”, Says Johnny Andrews

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Johnny Andrews, a well-known Amazon expert, ecommerce specialist and an established entrepreneur speaks about the difficulties he faced as a budding Amazon seller, how he overpowered those hurdles and the mix of strategies he employed as a startup. With years of expertise in keyword research, Ad copy and data analysis, Andrews, today, is considered as an effective guider in the field of online selling.

Q: What Major Challenges and Obstacles Did You Face in Amazon Selling Thus Far?

Johnny Andrews: High competition, low keyword and product ranking and lack of product optimization were the biggest problems. In addition, the absence of good researching tools also made it difficult to track competitor’s strategies.

Q: Which Marketplace Do You Think is Ideal for Startups?

Johnny Andrews: To begin with, startups should focus more on local forums.

Q: Which Combination of Factors a Startup Should Consider Before Selling on Amazon?

Johnny Andrews: Tracking demand and supply is important as it helps in forecasting your estimated sales and returns. Moreover, the competitive price setting, keeping track of sales and keywords ranking is also crucial for the long-term success.

Q: How Many Marketplaces Should a Startup Target?

Johnny Andrews: 1, to be precise and then you can always expand later on. Doing so will not only curtail risk but one can also adapt quickly to the varying market conditions.

Q: How Does the Changes in Amazon FBA Policies Impact Selling?

Johnny Andrews: Yes, the impact is huge! The revisions in Amazon’s current incentivized reviews have made it really cumbersome for newcomers to get their products ranked.

Q: What Approach or Technique Do You Think Amazon Sellers Should Consider Boosting Their Sales?

Johnny Andrews: Optimizing product listing and Amazon sales rank is important. It will help sellers enjoy long-lasting results and will ultimately impact positively on their sales.

Q: What Advice Do You Have for Young Individuals Who Hope to Make a Living Through Amazon Selling?

Johnny Andrews: Amazon is a single platform that accommodates almost all product kinds. However, to stay in the competition, it’s crucial to do extensive Amazon product research. Selling electronics isn’t advisable at all, as the rate of return associated with it is huge, which finally leads to the fluctuating cash flows.

Q: Which Marketplace Do You Think Has More Potential in Selling?

Johnny Andrews: Amazon is incomparably the most gratifying platform. Moreover, Amazon UK is also a place established sellers can rely on.  But, besides that, Jet.com seems good to me.

Q: Where Do You See The Future of Amazon Selling in The Coming Days?

Johnny Andrews: The Amazon is heading towards becoming a platform catering experienced business individuals only. The entrants, however, seems not to grab their share in the forthcoming days due to complex selling prerequisites and hefty sum to invest.

Q: Which Tool Have You Used or Tried Personally and Would Like to Recommend Others?

Johnny Andrews: I have used number of tools that have abundantly helped me reach my goals. Some of them include PPCScope, KeywordInspector, AppEagle and Restock Pro etc…