Low Amazon Sales – Should You Change Software or Think SMART?

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Not getting the sales you were expecting when you signed up for the software that looked like it had everything? It’s not always the software’s fault if your investments aren’t translating into sales. Sometimes, all you have to do is use the data provided by your amazon research software in a smart and savvy way.

Consider the following scenarios and decide if you need a change in your approach.

Are You Optimizing Your Amazon Product Right?

You need to see if the information being compiled for you is being used in the right way.

  • Consider the Latest Trends: How frequently are you optimizing your listing? Are your keywords outdated? With AMZ Insight’s Featured Keywords and Ideas, you can find out the latest trends being practiced and the new phrases being used for your niche.
  • Consider Rankings: Where do you stand in Amazon’s rankings? What do you need to do to break into the top 100 sellers, if you’re too down? Ranking history of your and your competitor’s products will give you an insight according to which you can form your future policies.

 Is Your Niche Stagnant?

Sometimes, the demand for your niche may have diminished, which is why people are cancelling. This may happen because of at least two possible reasons.

  • Demand for your product has gone out: It’s possible that not enough people want your product any longer. You can employ Amazon software to see how popular your product is on a scale of 0 – 100, using our popularity meter.
  • Demand is low in your marketplace: An alternative possibility is that demand for your product has gone down in your marketplace. In this case, you may need to export your product to other Amazon Marketplaces. web based tools like AMZ Insight, AMZshark, and Sellics can signify which marketplace has the strongest demand for your niche with our Amazon Marketplace Trends Analyzer.

Are You Using Historical Data Right?

In an age where decisions are made in the real-time, historical data needs to feature constantly in your long-term planning.

  • Data gives you foresight: With historical data, you have the power to foresee the future. The price, reviews, sales and rankings’ historical data helps you see how a product is performing and how it’ll perform in the future.
  • Predictive Analysis: Historical Data also allows you conduct predictive analysis, through which you can judge future trends, depending on the past. If you’re caught up on previous trends, you’ll have an idea about how the graph will change in the future and you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

There’s no doubt that with data by your side, you’re a stronger businessperson. All you have to do is use it right and see where the fault lies before cancelling with your amazon market research solution.

Risha Jason
Risha Jason
Risha J. is an experienced data analyst who specializes in tech trends, business analysis and industry insight. As she believes that data always tells a story, she likes studying numbers, figuring out what they say about the relevant business and how the information can help business leaders take their visions forward. Risha takes a special interest in digital marketing, ecommerce, consumer behavior, online marketplaces and content marketing.