November 16th 2016 – VICTORIA, Australia – AMZInsight, being an Amazon market research tool, today, announced that it is ready with all new offers and discounts for its new potential sign ups and clients. While talking to the media about the latest offers, AMZInsight CEO, Mr. Fahid Ali said, “Selling your product online is the new business talk of the town and is one classic example of it.” Further stating about how a market research tool benefits an online business, Mr. Fahid said, “When it comes to carrying on a business online, it does take a lot of homework. From analyzing the product trends to price tracking to keyword analysis, it does take a lot of metal to sell your product. AMZInsight, an ace amazon market analyzing tool, lends a helping hand to take care of the pricing tracking, helps improving your products SEO, to make it rank among the high sellers and helps your beat competition through the analysis of data in the form of interactive graphs and charts.”

The CEO also mentioned about the new offers and discounts which await the new signups and said, “ has been a great success among the masses and the success has and is continuing to attract new sellers into the market. The main aim behind AMZInsight Ver. 2.0 is to facilitate the Amazon sellers to always maintain an advantage over their competitors. To encourage new sellers, we are coming up with all new offers and exciting discounts for its new signups, to prove that AMZInsight has just got better than before and is the best choice you can get.”

In addition to the discounts and offers, it was also disclosed that a new free eBook titled, “How to start shipping your product through Amazon FBA” has been launched for the sellers. He continued, “The main aim behind releasing this free e-book is to educate sellers on how they can get high product listing on Amazon FBA and how FBA shipments can be prepared and made. In addition to that, FBA guidelines, help and support details are also incorporated in this e-book for the facilitation of our users.”

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