June 10th 2016 – Victoria, Australia – AMZInsight.com today unveiled the new look and feel of its web-based market research solution for Amazon sellers. The tool, specializing in market research for selling through Amazon, has redone their website’s entire experience, improving its load time and introducing a 5-star rated customer care and live chat support.


AMZInisght.com has also initiated an affiliate program, hiring selling partners looking to join hands with us and with a promising future growth potential in the amazon research industry. In a stealer marketing move, affiliates are being offered 100% commission per sale when the user converts into a paid user after the trial.

The tool not only continued to support features that its customers love over time but has greatly improved upon them. Real-time tracking incorporated with increased number of keywords and products to help customers expand their outreach and get 95% accurate results as of Amazon. Clients have the option of signing up for a 10-day free trial of three revamped packages, with a revised product and keyword tracking count. Moreover, The enterprise users who want to track more keywords and products can now opt to inventor package for customized solution that bests suits their selling needs.

The FAQs page has also been redone to provide quick support to curious customers.

About AMZInsight

AMZ Insight is an intelligent web-based software for research and development for Amazon sellers. We aim to empower Amazon sellers to make data-driven decisions for their Amazon business through real-time tracking. AMZ Insight offers products and keywords’ tracking, latest Amazon keyword trends, competitive data analysis, keyword and product discovery, automated regional data, best seller rank tracking, organic data tracking, keyword difficulty checking tool, collated review and rankings data and a lot more. Sign up with us to make some real profits.


Fred Kimberley

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