Amazon International League – Which Marketplace Do You Represent?

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In most parts of the world, football (or soccer, for our American readers) season is about to end. While we all wait with bated breath for the transfer window to open, let’s take a look at different Amazon league or marketplaces and how researching for keywords using AMZ Insight can help you conquer each region.

  UK – English Premier League

Amazon has nearly 4.6 billion pounds invested in the UK (that’s more than the Premier League!).

Football selling on amazon UK is quite the trend right now. AMZ Insight can help you climb to the top of the best seller rank (BSR) table in your region by keeping tabs on the activities of other sellers in your country.

  USA – Major League Soccer

Fitting name, since America is the major Amazon marketplace. Competition is ripe in Amazon USA and it won’t be surprising if you’re unable to score many sales.

Using AMZ Insight, you can assess the performance of your keyword in different regions and target a new region with lesser competition but higher sales potential.

  Canada – Canadian Soccer League

Soccer in Canada is the biggest participatory sport. However, seems to have fewer third-party sellers, as compared to the USA.

With AMZ Insight, you can form a monopoly in your preferred product niche by keeping an eye on top categories of a selected keyword, which appears in keyword search. You can also win Buy Box in Amazon easily if the competition is not too high.

  China – Chinese Football Association Super League is spending just as big as the national league. With such a huge population to sell to, opportunities are plenty.

China is big on selling cheap and with a diverse population, opportunities are plenty. AMZ Insight will tell give you localized price variation data associated with each product to help you decide what to sell.

  France – Ligue 1

The French league might only have 20 teams but millions love the game within the country. Similarly, has about 200 million products but only a few thousand third party sellers.

Using AMZ Insight keyword search in France, you can look for the top 5 best products within the keywords searched and the top categories to generate product ideas.

  India – Indian Super League

Fun fact – and the Indian Super League were both launched in 2013. With both being relatively new, the competition is a lot lesser than in older shops.

Type in your selected keyword in AMZ Insight, select “India” as your region and check out different keyword ideas and the product popularity against it will give you a good idea your product’s future performance.

  Italy – Serie A

With a league just as competitive as the Amazon offshoot, using AMZ Insight becomes almost necessary.

If you feel you aren’t doing well in, you can use AMZ Insight to search market trends of English keywords in other countries and sell traditional Italian goods abroad.

  Germany – Bundesliga might not be as old as the Bundesliga but has quite a few independent sellers, regardless.

AMZ Insight lets you keep a hold on the German market with their review and rating tracker. With the help of historical data, you can analyze the trends and your performance within that German marketplace.

  Spain – La Liga

With one of the oldest leagues in the world, who can understand the importance of history better than the Spanish?

With our amazon keyword analysis tool, you can gain access to historical data, collate it and find out how you’ve being doing in the marketplace.


  Japan – J. League

Who can understand tech better than the Japanese? It comes as no surprise to us that sellers on frequently use AMZ Insight to keep track of their local selling trends and the competition.

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Matt Mikaelson
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