Winning the Amazon Iron Throne with AMZ Insight

Track Games of Throne on Amazon with AmzInsight

Still reeling from the latest game of thrones shocker? We are, too. So we decided to join in with our friends from Westeros and play the game of thrones in the Amazon marketplace.

Becoming a part of the best sellers on Amazon is similar to fighting a battle for the iron throne. The competition is tough, ruthless and dangerous. AMZ Insight contains the magical powers of all major characters so you can bet on climbing up the BSRs to sit on the iron throne in no time.

AMZ Insight Knows the Way to the Buy Box

If the best seller rank is King’s Landing (the capital city), then the Buy Box is the door to the castle, the Red Keep. Winning the Buy Box will give you more exposure to potential clients than any other form of marketing.

AMZ Insight knows what it takes to help you win the Buy Box. That’s why we help you keep track of your products and your competitor’s prices, sales and organic ranking.

AMZ Insight has Informants in All Kingdoms

Like Varys would say, we have our little birds everywhere. They’re on the lookout for what competitors are up to, what trends their products are generating and how much estimated profits they might be generating.

With the help of all this information, you can easily determine what their future course of action might be. Plan ahead of time and win the battle before it begins.

AMZ Insight knows Who Your Best Knights are

Since your keywords are going to fight your war on the actual battleground, AMZ Insight will help you pick the ones to bet on. With our keyword research tool, we will not only suggest keywords to go with your products but will also tell you how good (or bad) those keywords are doing on Amazon.

Once you’ve picked the keywords, let them do their job and watch as they lift you up and give you your righteous place atop the Amazon iron throne.

AMZ Insight Helps You Listen to the People

Unlike the rulers in Westeros, you can’t assert your authority in the amazon marketplace if you ignore the people – your customers. AMZ Insight knows that amongst the biggest contributors towards getting the best seller tag is to get positive ratings and reviews from satisfied and happy customers.

We let you track customer reviews and ratings over an identified time period. It also lets you do that to your competitor’s products, allowing you an insight into enemy land.

AMZ Insight Knows Defense Strategies Against Competitors

Once you are in the castle, it’s time to protect your #1 best seller rank from being invaded by competing enemies. Spying isn’t the only defense strategy AMZ Insight can help you with.

Our Amazon keyword research tool will help you recruit new and unique products to go with keywords you have selected. With our keyword research, we tell you which products are selling well under which categories.

Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
Marketing Executive
Matt Mikaelson is a Marketing Executive at AMZ Insight who trusts in the power of research. He specializes in data services, tech trends, marketing analysis and industry insight. It is his belief that data always tells a story, so he enjoys collecting marketing numbers, studying their impact on businesses and how they can be manipulated to market leadership visions. Matt is an expert in, and an enthusiastic student of, digital marketing, consumer behavior, content marketing, ecommerce, online marketplaces and market research.