How to Track and Respond to Negative Reviews on Amazon?


Negative reviews or low ratings on Amazon are always annoying for the sellers. It drops the average rating of the product on Amazon especially when you have very less reviews count by the customers. Even if your product has good rating still many customers specifically look for the negative reviews to get the idea of potential issues that may arise with the product. That is why, you as a seller have to carefully track whenever there’s a negative review less than 3 star ratings.


What is a Negative Review?

A review is negative when it comes with three stars rating or less on Amazon. Rating above 3 is normally considered positive by the Amazon users as it leaves a good impact on potential buyers. Negative reviews always drop the ranking of the product and cause damage to sales that’s why negative reviews tracking is important for the sellers to convert them into happy customers. Amazon reviews tracking tool  is always useful to do the hard work for you in a smart way.


How to Keep Track of Negative Reviews on Amazon?

Gone are the days when things were pretty much manual and Amazon sellers have to be glued with the computers to manually find the negative reviews by the customers on each product. AMZ Insight, a tracking software, has automated the Amazon negative reviews tracking job for the sellers making life easier. With an intelligent Amazon negative reviews tracking software you can turn on the tracking with just one click and start getting email alerts right in your inbox. Whenever our system detects a review with 3 stars or less it sends an email alert to the seller so that it can be dealt quickly.

Simply add a product in the Amazon product tracker, turn on the reviews tracking with one click and sit back. You will start getting email alerts for the negative reviews as soon as it is recorded.


What to do with Negative Feedback?

Once you have started getting alerts from Amazon negative review tracker, the next step is what to do with them and how to take care of unhappy customers.

You can either quickly contact the customer who left the negative feedback and fix their issue to have the review revised in favor or have it deleted by This will help in not only improve customer satisfaction level but also enhance product rankings with the positive rating.

The second option of getting the review deleted is less effective because it’s not always the case that Amazon will delete the negative review unless its truly violating the guidelines (such as fraudulent review by the competitors, bad language, etc.).

There’s a third option to deal with it by publicly commenting on negative review. It will remain available to the users and will also negatively impact your rating, but the good thing is you can give your opinion to show other users that you have fixed the issue. So this is more like a damage control tactic.

Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
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