How-to-Guide Performing AMZ Insight Keyword Research

For Amazon sellers, it is absolutely essential to use keywords in their listing to improve product ranking. With AMZ Insight by your side, keyword research is simpler and faster.

Here’s how to use our tool for keyword research.

  1. Once you’ve signed in by entering your credentials, you will be taken to the tool’s dashboard
  2. To begin keyword research, click on the ‘Getting Started’ tab circled in red in the screenshot below.
    keyword research navigation in AmzInsight
  3. It should take you to the following screen:
    Explore Keywords for Amazon
  4. Now, Select ‘Keyword’ from the drop down box circled ‘a’ in the screenshot below.
    keyword drop down menu
  5. Enter your keyword in the search bar that says ‘Enter Keyword Here’. We’re going to search for the keyword ‘green tea’. It’s labeled ‘b’ in the screenshot below.
    keyword research input field
    Once you enter a term, you might get related suggestions in a dropdown that opens as you type. For example, I got ‘green tea raspberry ketones’ as one of many suggestions.
  6. Select the country you’re selling in to get region-specific results.
  7. Click on the tool icon next to the ‘Search’ button to open another dropdown menu:
    keyword match type in AMZInsight

    • Take a look at the screenshot below.
      Amazon departments to select
    • ‘Amazon Department’ will allow you to select a department for your keyword research.
    • Match Type’ will let you choose between broad or exact match result options.
    • Choose your preferences and click ‘OK’.
  8. Click on the blue ‘Search’ button to go to your results page in our amazon tool:
    amazon tool search data
    Let’s go through each box one-by-one.

    • Keyword Details
      keywords details in AmzInsight
      Here, you’ll find details about your keyword, category, the number of results (or hits on amazon for that keyword), your selected department, match type, your selected marketplace and an option to begin tracking the keyword.
    • Keyword Popularity:
      keyword popularity checker
      This tells you how frequently your keyword is searched for by ranking the keyword on a scale of 0–100. ‘Green tea’ ranks in at 55, making it a ‘highly’ popular keyword.
    • Amazon Market Trends:
      market trends in Amazon
      – Market trends will indicate the number of products against your selected keyword in each Amazon marketplace.
      – Place your mouse over each bar to get accurate results for each marketplace, as shown below:
      market trends in USA
    • Price Variation Overtime:
      Price variations
      – This will indicate the change in the prices of the products that show up in the results’ page of this keyword.
      – The blue line shows the maximum price while green indicates the minimum.
      – Placing your mouse on any of the two lines will show you average minimum and maximum price to help build a price strategy,  along with the date from which the data has been tracked. See below.
      price variation stats
    • Top Categories
      top categories in Amazon
      This will list the top 5 categories selected for products of this keyword.
    • Top 5 Buy box Winners:
      top buy box winners in amazon
      Lists the top 5 buy box winners (sellers) of products sold on this keyword.
    • Featured Keywords:
      featured keywords of products sold
      Lists the keywords most used in the titles of products sold on this keyword.
    • Top 5 Products:
      top 5 products in Amazon
      Lists the Top 5 products being sold against your selected keywords.
      i) Rank Tracking Products – This is activated when you begin tracking products. It tracks the position of each product against your selected keyword.

AMZ Insight makes the collection of keyword data much simpler. Sign up now to begin your research.