In our previous blog post, we told you how to use AMZInsight for keyword research. Today, we layout the steps for product research using our Amazon seller tool. You’ll find a number of steps to be quite similar as we try to inter relate every feature with each other helping our users to understand better and use it more efficiently.

  1. Once you’ve signed in by entering your credentials, you will be taken to the tool’s dashboard
  2. To begin product research, click on the ‘Getting Started’ tab circled in red in the screenshot below:
    Amazon product research start
  3. It should take you to the following screen
    Product research screen
  4. From here, select ‘Product’ from the dropdown menu. It’s labeled ‘a’ in the picture:
    product menu selection for research
  5. Next, go to your products’ page on Amazon and copy your ‘ASIN number’. It’s displayed in the Product Details (labeled ‘a’ in the picture below or in the URL (labeled ‘b’ in picture).
    Product ASIN Number
  6. Enter your products’ ASIN in the search bar that says ‘Enter ASIN Here’. It’s labeled ‘c’.  We’re going to enter the ASIN mentioned in the screenshot above.
    Entering Product ASIN in AMZInsight
  7. Select the country you’re selling in to get region-specific results.
  8. Click on the tool icon next to the ‘Search’ button to open another dropdown menu:
    amazon product tool

    • Take a look at the screenshot below.
      Amazon product departments
    • Amazon Department’ will allow you to select a department for your keyword research.
    • Match Type’ will let you choose between broad or exact match result options.
    • Choose your preferences and click ‘OK’.
  9. Click on the blue ‘Search’ button to go to your results page in our amazon tool:
    amazon product search tool
    Let’s go through each box one-by-one.

    • Product Details
      Amazon Product Details Listing
      In Product Details, we cover the following:-Product Title

      -Primary Keyword of the Product (on which it ranks the highest)

      -the categories and sub-categories in which the product features

      -ASIN of product

      -Seller’s Amazon ID

      -Product image

      -An option to begin product tracking

    • Review
      Amazon product reviews
      This indicates the total number of customer reviews for the product that it has received.
    • Rating
      amazon product ratings
      This tells you the average rating (out of five stars) for the product, itself. The rating helps in identify the potential of the product to be liked by the end users.
    • Current BSR
      Amazon current best seller rank
      This lists the Amazon bestseller ranking of the product in all the categories and sub-categories helping in knowing who the best seller is and how much estimated sales are they getting.
    • Estimated Sales
      Amazon Estimated Sales
      This section mentions the estimated total sales of the product per month, and per day. These are based on the BSR rank of the product.
    • Estimated Revenue
      Amazon Estimated Revenue for Sellers
      This predicts the revenue of the product per month and per day. Predictions are based on the BSR and estimated sales. This data helps in estimating whether the product has potential to generate good revenue or not.
    • Price
      Amazon Price Tracker
      This lists the minimum and maximum prices at which the product is currently being sold (with discount coupons at play). It also mentions the buy box price of the product.
    • Bestseller Rank
      Amazon best seller rank
      This graph indicates that who are the top 5 bestsellers in the category of the similar products. The graph shows historical trends. To know how can you become a Buy Box Winner, click here.If you place your mouse on the graph, you’ll get more details:
      Best seller rank on Amazon

      • The green line indicates the historical BSR trends of the product in category “Grocery & Gourmet Food
      • The blue line indicates the historical BSR trends of the product in category “Grocery & Gourmet Food > Coffee Tea & Beverages > Tea > Iced Tea.
      • Move your mouse over each line to see where the product ranked during different periods of time. This helps in understanding the trend of the product and to identify if you can be one of the best Amazon seller or not.
    • Keyword Tracking:
      Amazon keyword tracking solution
      This shows that your product has ranked on this specific keyword on Amazon. In the example above, the product ranks at #3 (labeled ‘a’) for the keyword “green tea” (labeled ‘b’).
      keyword tracking
      Placing your mouse on the graph will give you the date, day and time when the data was extracted.
    • Price
      price tracking in amazon
      This indicates how your product’s price has varied overtime.
      price tracker for amazon
      Placing the cursor at the start and end of the line graph will tell you where the prices stood at different points in time.
    • Review
      Amazon product review tracking
      This graph indicates your products’ review history, conveying how many reviews your product is receiving gradually.
      product reviews tracking

      Similar to price, placing the cursor at the start and end of the line graph will tell you how the review count has changed.

    • Rating
      amaozn product rating tool
      This graph is for the historical data on your products’ rating. Indicates how many ratings you’ve been accumulating over time.
      product ratings solution for amzon sellers
      Again, you can check out how your product rated at different points in time and how it has improved.AMZInsight is the only tool you need to keep track of your product and competitors’ too. Sign up now to begin product research.