Want to know how to find a profitable product in a niche to sell on Amazon?

Every day millions of people search on Amazon to buy products which makes it world’s largest search engine for the buyers.

If you wish to start selling online and harness the power of Amazon then you have to find the best products to sell which reaps more ROI for your business. To analyze a niche manually and find a profitable product, will take forever to complete your product research. You definitely need an automatic tool to get this labor intensive job done in a smart and easy way.

An Amazon market research tool like our AMZInsight is perfect to automate this process for you. Within minutes you can analyze a niche and identify whether it is profitable to start selling in it or not.

How AMZInsight Can Help in Finding the Right Niche?

It is very easy to analyze a specific niche by using niche analyzer. If you wish to analyze a niche for the sports cameras then you need to enter your desired keyword in the search bar to get results. For example, if you search for “gopro hero 4 silver” in the tool, it will start populating the results from Amazon within few minutes.


In the above illustration, the top products tab will show you first 5 products. In this case you can see that top 5 products have high volume of estimated sales. And 4 products out of these 5 have very low reviews count, except for the third. It means, the products have high sales volume and a review count less than 100, is very easy to rank high in this niche and make high profits.

On the other hand if the sales volume is low or the review count is high for the top 5 products that makes it less attractive niche because it is not easy to get top rank due to high competition. Therefore low sales volume will leave you with low profits.

This simple amazon tool will help you to analyze countless niches and find top products to either start selling on Amazon or expand your existing business to other marketplaces. You don’t have to use spreadsheets to manually research and find data from Amazon when you can easily do it the smart way.

You are highly encouraged to sign up a 10 days free trial with AMZInsight and start analyzing new niches. Find the products that you can sell and start making passive income on the largest ecommerce retailer in the world.


Risha Jason
Risha Jason
Risha J. is an experienced data analyst who specializes in tech trends, business analysis and industry insight. As she believes that data always tells a story, she likes studying numbers, figuring out what they say about the relevant business and how the information can help business leaders take their visions forward. Risha takes a special interest in digital marketing, ecommerce, consumer behavior, online marketplaces and content marketing.