How Beginners can Increase Their Organic Rank on Amazon


It has become harder and harder for third-party sellers – especially the new ones – to beat Amazon’s competitive ranking system. No matter how hard you try, getting to the top just isn’t easy. For startups, it’s even harder because they are operating on a limited budget and need to improve their ranking organically.

If you take the right steps, it isn’t hard to eventually climb higher up the BSRs, eventually. Here are some things you can do free-of-cost.

Some Basic, Beginner’s Tricks



The following are some bare essentials that every Amazon seller known about:

  • The Title: When the search results come up, people are skimming through these titles. Make sure you include an important keyword there but keep it short and concise.
  • Product Picture: You’re likely to rank higher if your picture sends out a strong message. It should convey exactly what your product is – in HD.
  • Bullets: Mention the features of your product in bullet points so they’re readable. Connect the benefits of your product to its features.
  • Keywords: Keywords are incredibly important; they’re what get you noticed. Ensure you use enough of them throughout your listing.

Track Your Products’ Organic Ranking on Amazon



With the help of AMZ Insight’s FREE Amazon tool, you can see how far up you’re moving the ranking.

  • Historical Data: Once you enable organic rank tracking on your product, just sit back and relax. We’ll start tracking the ups and downs, rise and fall of your product’s performance on Amazon.
  • Graphical Representation: The historical data stats will be shown through a line graph, against the time period since you began tracking. This will give you a more visual idea of where your product is going.
  • Optimize Accordingly: Based on the data you’re given, you can make changes accordingly. Optimize your Amazon listing every time your ranking falls.

Do Reviews Really Count for Amazon Sellers?


Many sellers have questioned if reviews really matter when it comes to BSRs, since there are many products with 5-star reviews. The answer is yes, they do matter – a lot.

  • They Increase Clicks: Better reviewed products are more likely to get customers to the product listing page where customers deeply study the product.
  • Ultimately, Better Conversions: A better-reviewed product also has a better chance to get more sales conversions. Those, in turn, increase your ranking on the charts – which increases the chances of making more sales. It’s like a loop.
  • Answer Questions: Amazon has allowed sellers to answer some customer questions that then appear as FAQs on your product page. Answering them can also help better your rating on the website.

Tell a Story in Your Description


Your product description is really where you can make the case for buying your product. Tell your customers an engaging story.

  • A Strong Call-to-action: The biggest quality of engaging copy is it delivers a strong message that tells customers how much they need the product.
  • Features + Benefits: link your features with the benefits they give to your customers, instead of keeping the two separate. This will make your copy more understandable.

Get going with organic rank tracking on Amazon, now.