How Sellers Can Start Selling on Amazon from Outside USA

Ecommerce sales in the US are exploding. One only needs to run an eye over the following bar graph to see how big the industry is slated to be. Unsurprisingly, a huge chunk of this money is going to come from Amazon’s USA platform.


Did you know that you can cash in on the online selling boom without ever setting foot in the US? Amazon’s USA branch is its largest in the world – it currently has over a billion monthly visitors, alone.

It used to be quite hard to sell on Amazon USA from outside the states but it is much, much easier now (long live globalization).

The Amazon Seller Signup Process



Amazon’s current signup process is relatively easy – with the ecommerce giant guiding you through a step-by-step process, designed for your ease.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. A US bank account for Amazon to deposit your earnings in. (You don’t need a US account if you’re selling from the UK).
  2. International credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.
  3. A US mailing address for when your orders are returned. Get one from
  4. A phone number based in the US.
  5. An individual tax ID number in the US.
  6. When you get your tax ID, submit a W-8ECI request with the International Revenue Service.
  7. A helper to pack and deliver your merch to Amazon FBA, if you choose to ship through the service.
  8. You can also use your own shipping service, if that’s more convenient.

Pick a Product to Sell on Amazon USA



Once you make all the necessary arrangements, there’s still one more thing to do before you register as a seller on Amazon. You need to decide on a product to sell.

Now, you may think of this to be the easiest step. In fact, you might already have thought of a product to sell on the website but do you know if it’s popular enough to actually make you rich?

With AMZ Insight, you can now find out.

  1. Subscribe to AMZ Insight FREE of cost.
  2. Insert your product’s name into the Keyword Search feature.
  3. Determine the popularity of the product with AMZ Insight’s 0 – 100 popularity ranking of the product.
  4. Through marketplace trends, discover where else you can sell the product.
  5. Also, see the number of competitors you will have in the market.
  6. The average price of your product on Amazon US and what you can charge for it.
  7. Top sellers, Bestseller rankings and top selling products on Amazon.
  8. …a whole lot more!

Create a Listing and Grow Your Business



With AMZ Insight, you’ll find your perfect product in no time, after which you can move on to creating a product listing for your business. Make a perfect title for your Amazon product, using the main keyword for your niche. Remember to use keywords, discovered through AMZ Insight, all through your listing.

As for growth, here are some tips:

  • Amazon pay per click campaign
  • Pitch Amazon Prime to customers
  • Respond to negative reviews
  • Look to sell in more Amazon marketplaces (AMZ Insight will help you in almost all of them)
  • Paid social media advertisements.


Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
Marketing Executive
Matt Mikaelson is a Marketing Executive at AMZ Insight who trusts in the power of research. He specializes in data services, tech trends, marketing analysis and industry insight. It is his belief that data always tells a story, so he enjoys collecting marketing numbers, studying their impact on businesses and how they can be manipulated to market leadership visions. Matt is an expert in, and an enthusiastic student of, digital marketing, consumer behavior, content marketing, ecommerce, online marketplaces and market research.