How AMZ Insight Resolved Customer Issues – A Success Story


Here at AMZ Insight, we want to thank our customers for sending in such positive feedback for our customer support team. The CS team works really hard to reply to your messages timely and to ensure your issues are resolved properly.

For other frequent visitors who don’t contact us on live chat thinking we don’t reply – write to us now, and we promise to rid you of your queries and complaints. Read on to find out what you’ll experience.

Don’t Believe We’ve Aced CS?

Here it straight from our satisfied customers:

  • Ryan: “Before I discovered AMZ Isnight, I used other similar solutions for my Amazon research but the results weren’t what I required as a seller, neither was the customer service good. I found out about AMZInsight through Google and found its customer service very good and quick.”
  • Roberto Berneri, “The support team always has the right answers and is helpful both in presale and tech support fields.”
  • Noam Shperling, “The team was highly proactive in answering my questions. I’d rate the service 5 stars.”
  • Marta, “The CS was perfect. I’d also rate the service 5 on 5 for sure.”

Instant Live Chat Support

Talk to us via our live chat support on our homepage and a member of the support team will respond to you.

  • AMZ Insight promises to respond to your messages within 24-hours.
  • We also promise an issue resolution within 24-hours.
  • For issues too complicated for the simple CS agent, the technical support team is always at hand.
  • Once complaints are forwarded to the technical branch, they will be solved quickly.
  • If you’re still having problems, we’ll stay with you until you’re satisfied.

Real-time Resolution of Tech Issues

At AMZ Insight, we try to solve customers’ issues in real-time, especially if they’re of a technical nature.

We know you need to stay on top of your game at all times and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you do.

Here are the steps we normally follow:

  1. For issues of a technical nature, a separate tech team is in place.
  2. Once you contact us via live chat, our primary CS team will try their best to solve your problem.
  3. If we fail, the issue is escalated to the technical team.
  4. They’ll take care of the problem and stay with you until you’re satisfied.
  5. We usually also ask for CS feedback before you go.

Accounts Not Receiving Emails

This is addressed especially to people who were unable to access their account because they did not receive their credentials.

We advise you to either check your email (if you’ve talked to our customer support team) since the team has manually created accounts and issued credentials to customers having this problem.

If you’ve not talked to the CS team about it yet, do so now.