How AMZ Insight Helps in Selling More on Amazon?

sell more on amazon marketplace

If there is one thing Amazon sellers know to be true, it’s that they are always in need of some assistance when it comes to research and data.

With AMZ Insight, we’ve endeavored to offer customers a variety of Amazon-related data we believe will eventually result in a sales increase.

Our Amazon Keyword Universe

When we say we cover keyword research for Amazon, we really mean it.

  • Keyword Details: How many results your keyword produces, which marketplace the results cover and which departments.
  • Keyword Popularity: Ranked on a scale of 1 – 100, it signifies how often your keyword is being searched for.
  • Market Trends: Areas where your keyword reaps the highest search results.
  • Price variation: How the average price for products sold on this keyword has changed.
  • Top Categories: Categories where this keyword is the most popular.
  • Top 5 Buy Box Winners: Sellers who have won the buy box the most.
  • Featured Keywords: Other keywords commonly used in association with yours.
  • Top 5 Products: Best products being sold against your keyword.
  • Keyword Ideas: If you can’t figure out additional keywords.
  • Track keywords: You can choose to track keywords to keep an eye on their historical data.

Our Amazon Product Universe

At AMZInsight, we also cover product research and development, since we know how hard finding a product is.

  • Product Details: Includes the highest ranking keyword, product image, categories, sub-categories and the like.
  • Product Reviews and Ratings: Indicates the total number of reviews and average rating of your product.
  • Current Bestseller Rank: Lists the amazon ranking in all categories and sub-categories with which it is related.
  • Estimated Sales: Based on a product’s BSR, we give you an estimate of the number of sales the product has monthly.
  • Estimated Revenue: Based on monthly sales, we tell you how much approximate revenue your product is making.
  • Price: The maximum and minimum rates of the product, along with the buy box price. You can also see how the price of the product has varied overtime.
  • Bestseller Ranking: BSR of the product and how it has changed during a specified time period.
  • Historical Data: You can track variations in ratings, reviews, price and ranking of the product.
  • Track Product: You can choose to track keywords to keep an eye on their historical data.

Every Other Way We Strive to Be the Best

While we do believe that perfecting our product will win us the most customers, we continue to work on CS and Marketing so we can give you the help you deserve. Here’s why we are better:

  • We’re constantly evolving: We continue to constantly develop our amazon market research solution to serve clients better.
  • We are the cheapest: Our packages cover the most ground while charging the least, leaving room for bigger profits.
  • At-hand Customer Service: Our CS is quick and witty, with technical support always nearby.
  • Free Content: We write eBooks, blogs, guides, articles and reports as self-help for Amazonians.


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