How AMZ Insight’s Support Team is Redefining the Customer Support

Customer Service

A lot has been written about the great customer service of big firms like Amazon and Zappos. Big firms cater to customers with such dedication because they can afford to do so.

With SMEs, on the other hand, it might not be as easy but it’s still important to give customers the best support. AMZ Insight realizes that new sellers on Amazon need to be constantly on their toes. Therefore, they deserve superior customer service and with Insight’s new and improved CS, we’re rewriting the rules.

Thank YOU For The Love


thank you

We aren’t just making this up. Don’t believe us? Hear it straight from our customers.

  • Roberto Berneri, “The support team always has the right answers and is helpful both in presale and tech support fields.”
  • Noam Shperling, “The team was highly proactive in answering my questions. I’d rate the service 5 stars.”
  • Marta, “The CS was perfect. I’d also rate the service 5 on 5 for sure.”

VIP Support for Our VIPs


VIP Support

We understand that people with a higher number of listings on Amazon cannot afford to wait around for their questions to be answered. So, we offer them 24-hour support.

If you’re signed up with our Warrior package, you can ask for support at any time and your queries will be catered to, even during off hours.

PRO Support for our Customers


pro support


AMZ Insight is offering a 24/7 support feature for our warriors. The live support feature is available on the tool’s dashboard. Sellers signed into any of our packages can expect prompt replies, with attentive agents and technical backup.

Issue Resolution Within 24 Hours


24 hours service

At AMZ Insight, we believe that keeping our customers happy and satisfied is the best way to increase our lifetime value with customers. Online customers believe in quick solutions to their problems, which is why we promise to resolve issues within 24-hours.

From the moment you contact us, we strive to get rid of your problems for you within a 24 hour timeframe so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Technical Backup is Always at Hand


technical support

When you first submit an issue to AMZ Insight’s live or email support, they will thoroughly go through the problem you are facing and propose a probable answer.

If, however, the problem doesn’t clear up, we escalate the issue to our technical team, a unit of expert individuals who’ve developed and are involved in the evolution of AMZ Insight. They know our keyword monitoring tool best and will provide you with high-tech support.

Email Support


email support

If you aren’t ready to chat with us live, or if you need a question answered within 24 hours, you can simply pen down an email and send it to us at [email protected]

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours and once we do, we’ll contact you through the media you prefer (live chat or email).

You can write us a speedy message via our site, here.

Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
Marketing Executive
Matt Mikaelson is a Marketing Executive at AMZ Insight who trusts in the power of research. He specializes in data services, tech trends, marketing analysis and industry insight. It is his belief that data always tells a story, so he enjoys collecting marketing numbers, studying their impact on businesses and how they can be manipulated to market leadership visions. Matt is an expert in, and an enthusiastic student of, digital marketing, consumer behavior, content marketing, ecommerce, online marketplaces and market research.