Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From New Apple 2016 Products


So Apple’s special iPhone 7 event is over and they’ve made all kinds of announcements – some extremely controversial, some a bit drab. However, Apple is still huge enough to shake up all corners of the tech world – even Amazon.

Here’s how you, as a seller on amazon, can benefit from all the new announcements Tim Cook made.

Solve the iPhone 7 Headphone Problem



It’s pretty common knowledge by now that iPhone 7 does not contain a separate jack for headphones. Here’s how that’s good for you.

  • Sell Port with Jacks for Charging and Headphones: As you may have guessed, having just a lightning port means that customers will not be able to listen to music while charging their phones. To counter this problem, a vendor on Alibaba is allowing customers to do both things at the same time with a port for separate jacks for charging and headphones.

Sell Cheaper Bluetooth Airpods



Apple has also announced that they will offer wireless ‘airpods’ (Bluetooth earphones) for people who prefer to go wireless.

  • The Apple ‘Airpods’: Not only are Apple’s new wireless earphones coming in October, but they’re also going to be priced at a whopping $159. Add that to starting price of the iPhone 7, and customers will have to spend a minimum of $808 for the entire experience. Yikes!
  • Sell Cheaper Bluetooth Earphones: Obviously, not every iPhone 7 customer is going to spend $159 for what are – at the end of the day – Bluetooth earphones. Vendors in China have cheaper options. What’s more – some of them even look somewhat like Apple’s.

Straps for Series 2 Apple Watch


Another year, another Apple event, another hideous Apple Watch. Sure, you can do all kinds of things with the new gear – but will customers like the same, old, dreadful look?

  • Probably Not: Customers have been pretty vocal about the designs of all smart watches – let alone Apple’s and this year’s no different. Offer them a better option with a range of alternative straps for the new Apple Watch. There are already a ton uploaded on Alibaba.
  • Extremely Cheap: Customers have already spent at least $369 getting the new Apple Watch. You want to sell the straps as cheaply as possible. Chinese vendors are offering options starting for $0.1.

By the way, the Apple Watch comes with Pokémon Go – another tech giant with hoards of products that can be sold on Amazon.

The Usual Apple Goodies



Whenever a new phone launches, you’ve got to get the usual goodies to complement it. Here’s a list of all the things you can offer to compliment customers’ new iPhone 7s.

  • Range of covers for iPhone 7
  • Glass/Screen protector for iPhone
  • Wallet Cases
  • Phone mounts

Apple’s just announced all these new releases a day ago. The market’s still fresh so hurry up and stock your goods now to get an upper hand on competitors.




Risha Jason
Risha Jason
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