From Rags to Riches – AMZ Insight Turned my Life Around

5 months ago, I was broke. I had no money for rent, I was living hand-to-mouth and my parents had reduced my monthly allowance to prepare me for “the real world”, as they liked to say.

Less than half a year and an AMZ Insight subscription later, I’m making 5 figures each month.

I’m Jason Cruise and am currently studying for my Marketing Degree in Houston, Texas. When I first began college, I was living a good life. Born to well-off parents, I used to party hard every night. Then, my CGPA started falling and my parents cut me off. Just 2 months after I began college, I had no money.

Well, AMZ Insight was my savior. I came across their blog about pricing strategies that mentioned how people were making huge profits by selling on Amazon. In desperate need of money, I was intrigued. I visited the homepage, did some other research and decided to make my very first Amazon listing – a jump rope I imported from China.

Free Amazon tool trial

I logged into the application, and started my niche analysis:

  • I started tracking competitor’s products on Amazon.
  • I tracked the sales of my own products and made changes in strategy in accordance with sales trends.
  • I enabled Amazon organic rank tracking to see what changes constituted a rise/fall in my Amazon rank.
  • Added/removed keywords to make sure my listing stayed in-sync with the phrases customers were using to search for products.
  • I used the price tracker feature to pick a price point that was profitable, yet competitive.

It started off slow. In fact, the very first month, I was only barely able to recover my costs. However, I didn’t give up, spent day and night with AMZInsight to figure out how I could improve and finally, I made a sizeable profit my second month of selling.

Since then, things have gone only uphill for me. Last month, I made $20,000 worth of profits. I moved out of my 6-person shared apartment and have rented a condo near campus. I bought myself a nice car and plan to soon start paying my own college fees. Best of all; my firm is growing quickly and to facilitate expansion, I plan to hire 3-4 employees and rent a small office space. I think I’ve finally found my true calling.

AMZ Insight changed my life. Check it Out.