Five Amazon Myths; Things May Not Be Exactly The Way You Thought!

New into the realm of Amazon? Well, as a beginner, you might have a number of misconceptions and doubts about this online marque. Don’t worry. This is completely justified in your part! E-commerce brings these possible uncertainties with it. However, to excel in this online business, you’ll first have to overcome all the fears. Never allow anything to get on your nerves.

You might be thinking that how am I saying all this too confidently? Well, my attitude speaks of my years of experience. It’s not that I am boasting about how talented I am. Right now I aim to spread my knowledge to all the retailers out there. This will definitely help to clear most of the misconceptions regarding Amazon.

So, if you want to get your own portion of the Amazon pie, here are five myths about Amazon seller explaining that it might not be just what you thought:


1. Amazon is ‘simply another website’

Amazon is a website, but not just another simple website! It is the king of e-commerce websites. All the social-media butterflies employ Facebook to connect with friends. Internet operators search Google for solutions to all their queries. What about the Amazon customers? They go to Amazon to do one thing: online shopping.

With expected annual sales approximately around $100 billion, Amazon is the chief of online markets. From its built-in trust to the services it delivers to its customers and members, everything contributes to its worth and repute.

So nothing can beat Amazon when it comes to picking a reliable e-commerce platform to start your business.


2. Selling on Amazon has to be a big deal

You may think that selling on such a big platform must be a great deal. However, the fact is that it actually makes your life easier. At least this is what it has done for most of the merchants up till now! With Amazon, you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment process. This is the website’s headache!

All you need to do is to ship your product, keep a record of it via Amazon Tracker and leave the rest on Amazon. Isn’t it amazing?


3. To be successful on Amazon, you need a lot of time!

Everything apart, success varies from person to person. It doesn’t depend wholly on the website. During my entire experience, I’ve come across a number of success stories about beginners. They didn’t work for years to attain these heights! Believe me; most of them went from zero to five figures in just a month to even just a few weeks time.

So, what makes you think that you can’t?


4. Amazon is too jam-packed a market to step in now

You may find it intimidated to enter the realm of Amazon when it is already having over two million sellers. However, that’s not your problem! Just consider the fact that all these sellers sell over a billion items worldwide. Isn’t it impressive enough to drag you into the world of Amazon?

So, through Amazon Niche Finder, there’s scope for everyone to pare out a niche for themselves.


5. To be successful, you just have to ‘register your product’

Well, it’s not that you’ll just step into this Amazon platform and achieve success. You’ll have to put a little effort into it. Remember that just listing your product and adding its generic description won’t do any wonders for the sales.

So, what else do you need to focus on? Marketing and optimization!

Optimization is critical to achieving high ranking in the Amazon. That’s the reason Amazon rank tracker is growing so fast.


So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time to get in on the Amazon gold run, and if Amazon keeps the pace of its up-going trajectory, the next couple of years will bring a handful of benefits for you!