Find Profitable Niches

AMZInsight - An amazing amazon sales tracking tool, helps in identifying, how competitive is your targeted niche. The Niche Analyzer feature will identify the potential of sales in a particular Amazon marketplace by analyzing the sales rank, keyword ranking, estimated sales and ratings etc. This feature provides:
  • Detailed niche analysis
  • Top products and categories
  • Top buybox winners
  • Product popularity
Amazon Niche Analyzer

Amazon Product Tracking

Track your products on Amazon in clicks with AMZInsight, allowing you to make timely decisions on the basis of real time data of your and competitor’s product. Just select the products that you want to track and start getting insights of Best Seller Rankings, estimated sales, estimated revenue and more value adding stats that are crucial in decision making for a profitable move on Amazon. This feature provides:
Amazon Product Tracking

Search Keyword Rankings

Keywords ranking on Amazon does play a vital role in increasing sales. How easily a customer might find your product listing? Track the keywords and identify where your product actually ranks on Amazon in a simple graphical way. AMZInsight's, Amazon keyword tracking feature, will also help you in finding and selecting top ranking keywords that are most suitable for your product so you can put your efforts in the right direction to generate more sales. This feature provides:
  • Products ranking
  • Keywords ranking
  • Products rank tracking
  • Keywords rank tracking
Amazon keyword rank tracking

Keyword Ideas

Need more keywords to improve your Amazon rankings? Check out our new Amazon keyword ideas generator for top relevant keyword suggestions for your product. Just insert a seed keyword in AMZInsight and generate more relevant keyword ideas directly fetched from the Amazon. Optimize and improve your product’s ranking on the selected keywords and beat the competition by selling more. This feature provides:
  • Keywords ideas generator
  • Amazon SEO
  • Products optimization
  • Keywords optimization
Amazon Keyword Ideas Tracker

Product Review Manager

Track product negative reviews on Amazon to retain happy clientele. Get instant email alerts of all the negative reviews on your products. Engage with the negative review by the customers and turn unhappy customers to 5 Star reviewers. This product review tracking feature gathers all the reviews with the rating of 3 stars and less. You can filter reviews by the date and ratings to prioritize who to contact first. This will significantly improve your customer service efforts and your customer’s experience. This feature provides:
  • Negative reviews tracking
  • Negative reviews alerts
  • History of negative reviews
  • Improve customer service
Amazon Product Review Manager

Super URL

AMZInsight will be offering Super URL feature specially designed to help you squeeze the last drop of juice from the quality traffic that you are sending to your amazon product listings. Add the best keywords to the Super URL by using keyword ideas generator and boost your ranking for that keyword. You can easily track all the important data of traffic coming from the Super URL. This feature provides:
  • Rewrite custom URL for products
  • SEO optimized URL
  • Buybox winner product URL
  • Keywords rich URL
Amazon SEO Tool