Customer is King – Importance of Reviews on Amazon

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As quoted by Michael LeBoeuf, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”, Amazon has always maintained high emphasis on customer satisfaction. One of the main reasons why customers are attracted towards Amazon, is the presence of reviews about that product, which basically helps them understand about almost every detail of the product. Since, consumers don’t have the liberty to physically inspect and check the product while shopping online, product reviews are the ones they can trust in order to judge a product. While product reviews have their importance for the consumers, in this post we’ll look at the importance of product reviews for Amazon sellers:-


1)  Amazon Effectively Safeguards the Trustworthiness of Its Reviews

Since its inception, Amazon has maintained a strict policy towards safeguarding the trustworthiness of its reviews. A Research has also suggested that the algorithm used by Amazon which ranks the product in a search also takes the product reviews and ratings into account.

The level of defence which Amazon maintain when it comes to the trustworthiness of its reviews can be measured by the fact, that recently Amazon made a statement clearly stating that if a seller is detected steering fake reviews and ratings, he shall be banned from Amazon.


2) Reviews Give Important Market Insight

Amazon selling requires a lot of research. As a seller on Amazon, if you’re looking to add new products in your portfolio to sell on Amazon, the analysis of product reviews can actually help you achieve positive results.

Product review is simply a mirror of the consumer’s thoughts relating that product. The analysis of product review can actually help you in understanding consumer sovereignty and interests and would provide you with a piece of marketing intelligence about the type of products which the consumers are more willing to purchase.


3) Purchasers Cherish Online Reviews

To be honest, purchasers doesn’t have much to rely on, regarding the outlook of the product when it comes to buying a product online. This is where product reviews come into play.

Indirectly product reviews can be defined as triggers for better sales. Since the dependence of potential purchasers on product reviews is high, this in turn means that the number of ratings and product review is one of the deciding factors of your product ranking as well as sales ranking.


4) Product Reviews Leads to Higher Amazon Search Rankings

Technological merchandise has been the forte of Amazon. The significance of product reviews is really high if you’re selling in the technology segment of the Amazon marketplace, since research suggests that 64% purchases in the technology section is based upon the reviews and ratings posted about that particular product. Hence, that’s pretty much understandable that while searching for technological merchandise most of the purchasers will surely use keywords such as ‘ratings’ or ‘reviews’, therefore, the higher the reviews and ratings for your product, the better will be the product ranking. Keep an eye on product reviews with Amazon review tracking software.


5) Seller Review Facilitates “Amazon Buy Box” Wins

Winning the Amazon Buy Box is every seller’s wish. Since a seller review is simply a gist of an overall experience of the customer while purchasing on, winning the BuyBox is influenced by the seller reviews gained. Maintain customer satisfaction as your highest priority, in order to achieve high seller reviews on Amazon to win the Buy Box.

Do look forward to provide the best service to your customer, as every sale made on Amazon is accompanied by a “Seller feedback form”. The negativity or positivity about the product directly impacts the product ranking and listing of the product and in turn the ROI generated from the sales of the product.