Reviews and ratings do play a great part when it comes to the performance of a particular product. Every seller will only speak the good about his product and not only that he will also make sure that he discredits the substitutes so much, that his product eventually emerges out the victorious (even though the substitute is much cheaper or even better as well). Who would judge a product better than someone who has already used or purchased that product? That experience, simply in writing, is known as product review.

The beauty of online selling is the physical absence of the seller. Which means, that the consumer is free to decide and the chances of getting influenced are almost zero. Hence, from a seller’s point of view, especially an online seller, can positive reviews or simply reviews be termed as “indirect marketing” of your product.

Amazon is famous for its “customer preferential” treatment. As per reports, a failure to address a customer’s query within a period of 2 weeks, can even lead you to get banned on Amazon. An analysis of the Amazon search algorithm has suggested that, reviews and ratings posted about a particular product, also plays a role in getting a product rank higher in ranks. In addition to that, reviews and ratings are a mirror of a product’s performance. Chiefly, the number of positive reviews posted about a product is a predictor of its performance (only if the seller emphasizes on maintaining quality).

Furthermore, if you’re a seller struggling to make your mark, an analysis of your competitor’s review section can make you aware of those little golden secrets, which are actually taking away those sales from you and through that you can actually look to model your product accordingly. In short terms, you’ll actually get aware of what the consumer actually expects and wants.

Reviews make a consumer more confident about the product they are looking to purchase. But, on the first place where a positive review can help you achieve wonders, on the contrary, a negative review can even affect you in the same manner, just as the atom bombs did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Especially, if you’re a seller of technological merchandise. As an online survey suggests, before making an online purchase of a gadget or any other technology related commodity, 97% of the purchasers look for product reviews posted about the product. This is what customer satisfaction can do to you.

Now, a question might arise, how do we get every customer to review our product. Following is the list few options:-

Be Honest About What You’re Selling

Selling on Amazon doesn’t provide the liberty to the consumer to physically inspect a product and get aware of what actually a product is. Being honest about the product, will not only help you have the minimum amount of sales returns, in addition to that it will also repel maximum negative reviews as well, because Amazon review tracking suggests that most of the negative reviews posted about a product are mainly due to the difference in the actual attributes of the product and the ones posted in the description section.

Interact With Customers Who Already Like/Follow You on Social Media

If a consumer already likes you or follows you on social media, means that they already love what you’re selling, then why not translate that love into reviews and ratings?

Find People Who have Reviewed Products Similar to Yours

This can not only help you in getting more reviews for your product, but is also a great way of reaching out to a greater audience as well.