Increase Sales With New Amazon Marketing Tools

Today I’ll be explaining two new marketing tools that Amazon has offered recently to its FBA sellers. These two Amazon marketing tools will help you kick start your sales at the new product launch and also differentiate your product from the other sellers of similar products. Let’s take a closer look and why you should […]

Pros and Cons of Hiring Amazon Product Sourcing Agent in China

Sourcing agent can help you in the process of sourcing products from China. They should help you in finding the supplier, negotiating the better prices, taking care of sampling procedure, quality control and shipping of products. Sourcing agents are often the individuals and sometimes established agencies who help you find the suppliers and import products […]

6 Tips to Find the Right Product Sourcing Agent in China

Most of the Amazon sellers are sourcing products from China but at different prices and qualities from different manufacturers. Having a great supplier is a competitive advantage in a very competitive marketplace of Amazon, and its not even easy. Therefore, sellers are using sourcing agencies to find the best suppliers from China. Below we have […]

Which Amazon Selling Tasks Should I Outsource?

When it comes to outsource Amazon tasks or projects you need to come up with suitable strategies based on few considerations. Which tasks should I outsource, is the first question that comes to mind when thinking of outsourcing. There are no predefined strategies or set of rules that can be suitable to any seller. It […]

Advantage and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Amazon Selling Tasks

Selling on Amazon is not easy and most of the sellers are overwhelmed due to several small and large tasks essential to run successful business. When you are selling a handful of products especially via FBA, then it can be difficult to manage everything by yourself. To overcome the difficulty many sellers hire freelance experts […]

How does the Buy Box Algorithm Work?

We have explained lots of different factors to win the buy box in 2018, but one thing is clear that there are no set rules or list of tasks that you follow to winning the buy box every time. There is a complex algorithm that takes into account several things to determine the buy box […]

How to Win the Buy Box on Amazon in 2018

It is estimated that over 80% sales on Amazon happen through the buy box. As a seller not having the buy box means your chances of making sales are 1 out of 5 and when there are multiple sellers then the chances are pretty slim. Winning the buy box is an ongoing battle among the […]

Tips for Optimizing Amazon PPC Campaign

There have been sharp increase in overall Amazon PPC spending in the fourth quarter of 2016. Average cost of the winning bid went up by almost 20% and one of the major reasons was Amazon’s ban on incentivized reviews. With the continuous increase in new sellers the competition pushed them to run PPC campaign in […]

Amazon Product Database Research Tool

As a seller on Amazon you always want to expand and search for new products that you can sell and make money. But it is not an easy task to find the most profitable product that can quickly start making you money. You need to do a lot of research, track data in spread sheets […]

Tracking Sales Rank History with Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

Let’s start with quick definition of amazon sales rank. It is the rank of each product by sales on Amazon. Here’s how Amazon describe it, the lower the sales rank number, the higher the sales of that item. Amazon calculate it based on the sales of an item and update it hourly, it also reflect […]

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