5 Most Beneficial Tips for New Amazon Sellers to Excel!

tips for amazon sellers

Experience speaks! Every field defies its beginners. And, learning is a gradual process. Where learning and guidance meet, there comes the new level of accomplishment.

Hence, after gathering considerable knowledge from my years of selling on Amazon, there is no possible explanation for me not sharing it with you. For all the beginners out there, it might seem a big challenge to boost up their sales. However, after going through all the below-mentioned tips, you’ll definitely get a push!


1. Keep a Check on product limitations

As a beginner, the most common mistake you’ll make is random and unplanned purchase. Well, remember friends, never ever forget to keep a record of product restrictions before making a purchase.  Else, you’ll have to pay the price! There are many brands in the market which are restricted on Amazon. Therefore, be careful before you choose. You can use the smart Amazon Seller App before you buy any product. This will keep you from getting any item which is not eligible to be sold on Amazon.

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2. Know your numbers!

This one can’t be highlighted enough. Before making any purchase, make a thorough calculation of any possible profit or loss. This one has to be done on regular basis. Not only it will make sure to keep you on right track, but also help you with improving your statistics. Remember that this is a data-driven business and you have to pay close attention to following three things:

  • return on investment
  • net profit
  • cash flow


3. Action and analysis should go parallel!

Beginners always go through the fear of any kind of loss. Hence, they fall into the trap of too much analysis with little action. But, in my opinion, it will be better if you dare to take strong actions and learn from your mistakes. Don’t let the fear take over. You cannot learn unless you make errors and faults. This will ultimately help you in your long run. There are no shortcuts to success! Therefore, make purchases as you want and go with your instincts. Always track products data and keep an eye on your Bestseller Rank with Amazon sales rank tracker.


4. Maintain a good seller-customer relationship and service!

The top most secret to a successful business on Amazon is the development of good relationship with customers. Try your best to resolve all the negative feedback. Respond timely to your customer calls! This is crucial! Look for performance notifications, if there are any. These daily maneuvers will help increase your standing in Amazon.


5. Adhere to the policies of Amazon you’ve agreed to!

Before making a start, give a thorough reading to all the terms and policies this website demands. Not only this, you also have to make sure that you adhere to these policies as well! This will do wonders to your repute. To access these policies all you need to do is log in to your Seller Central account and then click on “Policies and Agreements” which will be seen towards the bottom left of the screen.  You might want to skip the thorough reading but it will be better if you don’t. This will help you get a proper understanding of how to work with Amazon.

So friends, after all, the above discussion, I can confidently say that you might have overcome many fears and confusions! If it’s true, then pleasure is all mine. Don’t forget to thank me later!