Are You Paying Attention to Your Product Reviews?

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A review done by Dimensional Research claims that 90% of consumers online believe their purchasing choices are influenced by product reviews.

Many customers consider positive reviews a prerogative to purchasing goods online, especially those that cost more. Therefore, it is very important for new Amazon sellers to understand that product reviews can make or break their e-commerce careers.


They Are Valuable Data Resource

Smart sellers know that ranks on Amazon are partly influenced by reviews. With the help of a product review tracking software, sellers can gain an understanding of customer’s needs.

This valuable insight will immensely help them better understand their own product and why it may (or may not) be working. For rookie vendors, reviews are a way to discover products which sell well.


They Increase Conversion Rates

Online marketing tends to present every product as branded and sponsored content makes it increasingly difficult for buyers to trust any opinion that doesn’t come from a fellow buyer.

Enable Amazon review tracking and take care of negative reviews to encourage your customers to trust you as a good seller. Not only will this increase sales for the product reviewed, but will likely give a boost to all your products.


They Are Free Marketing Tools

The life of a good, positive review is much longer than any content you can create. A positive review found helpful by buyers is likely to influence purchasing decisions long after it has been written.

Reviews act as both short-term and long-term brand image creators since they continually give out a good impression.


They Engage Customers

Product reviews act as a catalyst between customers, and between sellers and customers. The constant social activity and getting feedback from the customers can turn the review page into a valuable forum or community.

With active participation in such a community, you can easily build a favorable repute with your customers, especially if you treat them as kings.


They Increase Rankings

The Amazon algorithm is designed to track product reviews of all goods sold through them which helps in calculating the worth and popularity of a product. If more is written about your product, Amazon considers you to be more important, and you are ranked higher than your competitors.

Review trends will sway your sales, too. Through online solutions that track ranks on amazon, you can determine if consistently bad reviews are why your rank has fallen.


They Shouldn’t ALL be Positive

If all the reviews on your product are positive, customers will probably see them as sponsored. The occasional negative or moderate review leads them to believe that actual customers are writing the reviews and if an overwhelming number of reviewers have something nice to say, you have nothing to worry about. Negative reviews can also help you identify your product weaknesses which you can fix and lead again.

However, getting a lot of negative reviews is definitely a problem. It could actually lead to Amazon taking strict action against you.

Matt Mikaelson
Matt Mikaelson
Marketing Executive
Matt Mikaelson is a Marketing Executive at AMZ Insight who trusts in the power of research. He specializes in data services, tech trends, marketing analysis and industry insight. It is his belief that data always tells a story, so he enjoys collecting marketing numbers, studying their impact on businesses and how they can be manipulated to market leadership visions. Matt is an expert in, and an enthusiastic student of, digital marketing, consumer behavior, content marketing, ecommerce, online marketplaces and market research.