Are You a Member of the Suicide Squad on Amazon?


Have You Cashed In On the Suicide Squad Craze Through Your Amazon Seller Account?

The reason why pop culture trends are so great for e-commerce is because of the widespread fanatic fandom they generate. Not only do people start buying their goodies, they want to read about them and talk about them.

Here’s how you, as an Amazon seller, can become a member of the suicide squad.

Sell Related Merchandise on Amazon

This is pretty obvious; you can sell varied suicide squad merchandise on your account. You can:

  1. Add a suicide squad niche to your existing account
  2. Create an all-new account solely for suicide squad merch.

Here are a few ideas for Suicide Squad products, especially for sale in Amazon US and the UK:

  • DVD (when it comes out)
  • Harley Quinn inspired costumes
  • A collection of custom key chains
  • Figurines, figures, action figures and statues
  • Stationary
  • Accessories
  • Phone Cases
  • Mugs and related tableware
  • Suicide Squad T-shirts

Quench Customers’ Thirst for Suicide Squad

As mentioned before, the great thing about fanatic fans is that they’re ever-hungry for more information. Tap into this hunger by featuring suicide squad in your content:

  • Use Amazon keyword research tool to discover suicide squad related keywords popular on Amazon.
  • Place these keywords all through your listing, including in your product title, details and description.
  • Generate offsite content using these keywords.
  • Write things active stalkers of the franchise love and are likely to look for.
  • Add links that take the customers to your Amazon listing or your website.

Employ Enchantress’ Magic to Control Amazon Sales

Don’t you wish you could, like Enchantress, use magic to increase your sales on Amazon?

News flash; with AMZ Insight, you can!

That’s right, AMZ Insight doesn’t just help you find new keywords. Used optimally, it is your go-to tool for all things research and growth on amazon.

Here’s what else it can do:

  • Keyword and product tracking.
  • Ideas’ generation for new Amazon ventures.
  • Checks if customers would use a specific keyword on Amazon via keyword difficulty checker.
  • Tracks a product’s best seller ranking.
  • Suggests price to charge for a product, based on the going-rate on Amazon.
  • Predicts/estimates the sales and revenue of products based on historical data.
  • Exports its data to your PC for offline research
  • …and a whole lot more!

Join the Squad Now!

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