AMZ Insight’s Eligibility Check – When to Subscribe


Thinking of subscribing with AMZ Insight? You need to make sure your business ticks at least one of the following before hitting the subscribe button:

  • A working Amazon seller account.
  • An Amazon account for USA, Australia, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe.
  • At least one product listing on the marketplace.
  • Your niche has a high level of competition and you need to keep an eye on what others are doing
  • Your niche isn’t that popular with customers and you need to enter a new one.
  • Your product is losing its popularity and you need to decide which product to go for.
  • You need to add keywords to your product listing
  • You need to update your product listing with new keywords once your old ones have gone stale and aren’t generating any leads.

Tracking Needs for Amazon Businesses

  • You need to see how much sales revenue you’re generating.
  • You need to track how much sales revenue you’ve managed to bring in.
  • You need to check the performance of your keywords over time.
  • You need to track the rank of your Amazon product
  • You’re competitors are doing better than you and you need to keep an eye on their product.
  • You haven’t decided what you’re going to charge or need to update your pricing policy.
  • For that, you need to track minimum, maximum and average prices in your specific category/niche.
  • You require a record of your product’s average ratings
  • You need to know how many reviews you’ve gained and what the trend is.
  • You want to predict how much you’ll make in the future
  • When you want to check out your historical data for other purposes.

Price and Budgeting Concerns

Despite being eligible for most of what’s mentioned above, you may still choose to forego AMZ Insight because you’re scared of what a software that offers so much might charge.

Surprise! We’re more affordable than you think.

Here’s what packages for our amazon tool look like:

  • Researcher Package for FREE with a 10 days’ free trial for startups.
  • Professional package for FREE with a 10 days’ free trial for individual seller
  • Specialist package for FREE with a 10 days’ free trial for small businesses
  • Warrior package for FREE with a 10 days’ free trial for enterprises
  • You can also get a custom-designed package under our “Inventor” package if you have thousands of packages to cover.