AMZ Insight’s New User Interface – More Efficient and User-Friendly

New AMZInsight UI for Amazon Sellers

On August 1st, 2016, AMZ Insight will update its amazon keyword tool with a new user interface that is faster, friendlier, better-looking and more efficient than before.

Here’s what we’ve bettered.

New Tabs and Features for Amazon Sellers

The tabs in the new user interface have improved:

  • No tab for dashboard: Since the dashboard is essentially your homepage, we didn’t see the need to bother with an additional tab. Instead, you can click on the AMZ Insight logo.
  • Niche Analyzer: This is our new tab for keyword research for new products. You’ll be prompted to enter a keyword, category and region to display the same (yet more organized) results as you had in keyword research.
  • Amazon Product Tracking: This’ll display all the products you’ve searched for, while allowing you to track the product, add keywords to it and delete it from your tool. Instead of displaying relevant information (like price, BSR and estimation) in boxes, we’ve simply displayed them against the product title. For visual details, you can click on the product to open individual pages.
  • Keyword Ranking: This displays the number of keywords ranking on top. You can choose to rank by products or by keywords. Again, all information is given against title, with an option to open individual detail pages.
  • Keyword Ideas: Type in your selected keyword to get hundreds of keyword ideas, from 0-9 and A-Z. For example, typing in ‘tea’ will give you ideas from “tea 0 – tea 9” and from “tea a – tea z” (like tea assortments in ‘tea a’). You can choose to track the keyword right from the page.
  • Amazon Reviews: This allows you to see a summary of your chosen product’s/keyword’s reviews and track review, too.
  • Super Link: This new feature will help you improve the ranking power of inbound traffic to your product listing. It will give you a short URL that can be placed even in micro-blogging websites.

Uncluttered Dashboard

In our old tool, your dashboard was cluttered with needless information too hard to process at a quick first glance.

We’ve changed that. Now, when you log in to the tool, the dashboard will be a vessel for you to discover more data and implement it, instead of a display for data we weren’t prompted to give you. You’ll be given 4 options for further research:

  • Niche Analyzer: To search for profitable niches and to find the top selling products.
  • Track Products: Add product and keywords in tracking list, then compare your rankings with the competitors to improve your strategy.
  • Find Keyword Ideas: Discover new keywords to grow your search queries and to increase your revenue.
  • Monitor Keyword’s Rank: Get the insights on keywords ranking your products higher.

Lesser Loading Time and Enhanced Graphical Presentations

We admit it; our old interface was not as fast as we would’ve liked it to be. In a statement we released, we’ve acknowledged the need for a faster tool.

With our new UI, AMZ Insight is almost lightning fast. When switching from one tab to another, you won’t have to wait for more than a few seconds. The same goes for data load time.

Moreover, the graphical representations have been enhanced, made larger, easier to read and more colorful; so they’re easier on the eyes.