Amazon SEO: Optimize Listings for High Rankings


When people talk about SEO, the first thing that come to their mind is Google. However, there are several other sites having their own search engines. Amazon is one of the largest search engines for online shopping and its even bigger than Google in this category with over 200 million products.

Hundreds of sellers are starting their online business on Amazon every year and sell their products and books. People who search on Amazon for a product are actually looking to buy it, and this makes Amazon more attractive than Google. So, if a seller has his product ranked on top position for a major keyword, makes huge sales not just clicks as in case of Google. But, it’s not easy to achieve the top rank mainly due to the complex Amazon product ranking algorithm and partly due to Amazon buy box algorithm. It checks several stats including the sales performance, click through rate, listing contents and other factors to improve the rank.

You may find several Amazon SEO services on the web claiming top ranks in no time and high sales of your product. We at AMZ Insight after years of Amazon sales and research experience have developed a great tool to help you improve Amazon products SEO. Its called Amazon Listing Optimizer that will help you to optimize your listings.


What is Listing Optimizer?

This is a comparison tool that let you compare your listing with the preset listing score and tells how well your listing is optimized as compared to recommended standard. You can compare different aspects of your listing such as title, description, bullet points, images, keywords, pricing, etc. All areas of the listing are analyzed on the basis of preset standards and compared it to the recommended scores.

With this tool you will know how well your listing is optimized as compared to the recommended standards. You may need to fix your keywords in title, bullet points or description area in order to fully optimize all the areas. It will also check Amazon reviews, rating and listing images then compare to the recommended score to let you know which areas you need to focus on. This will also check if your added keywords are available in the different parts of your listings or not.


Next Step

Once you know how well your listings are optimized, your next step is to start improving the areas where you have less than the recommended score. You may need to do the keywords research which is very easy to do with our Amazon keywords idea tool. You can quickly generate suggestions of recent and most searched keywords on Amazon that are relevant to your listings. After generating profitable keywords carefully place in the title, bullets and backend search terms field. This exercise will boost your ranking on the top keywords.

While you’re optimizing your listings, don’t forget to work on technical aspect to improve overall Amazon SEO. You need to track Amazon pricing so you can price competitively and offer free shipping. This will improve your chances to boost the rankings and winning the buy box to make much deserved sales. You can take a 10-Days free trial to test it out for yourself.