Tracking Sales Rank History with Amazon Sales Rank Tracker


Let’s start with quick definition of amazon sales rank. It is the rank of each product by sales on Amazon. Here’s how Amazon describe it, the lower the sales rank number, the higher the sales of that item. Amazon calculate it based on the sales of an item and update it hourly, it also reflect the recent and historical sales of the item.

Although it let you understand how well a product is selling but it does not always tell you how popular that item is among other items of same category. When an item is really selling well in any category then its rank in that category is called category sales rank. Every item has a sales rank in few categories where it has high rank as compared to other products in that category. As with main Amazon sales rank list, these category ranks are also based on sales of that item.


Why do you need Amazon sales rank tracker?

As we know it is being updated every hour by Amazon, so does it really make sense to track the sales rank?

Sales rank varies largely when a seller starts marketing of its product and give it a big push. Say for instance that a new gadget is featured on TechCrunch and the very next week it is mentioned on Mashable. Now, if the seller is tracking the sales rank history of that item then he can easily find out which of these sites improved the rank during the days immediately after the product was featured. This information can be very useful for the future marketing plans. By looking at the trends you can also estimate the sales rank of the product at a particular time of the year or during a promotion.

Sales rank tracking is essential as we know it jumps back and forth continuously. When you as a seller tracking the historical data, you can predict what marketing campaigns bring in more sales in future and at what time of the year.


How to Track Sales Rank?

AMZ Insight sales rank tracker is the tool that will let you track the rank of your products regularly. All you need to do is sign up and start adding your products to the tool. It will start tracking the sales rank of your products several times a day. After a couple of days the graph line drawn based on the available data will show start showing you the trends of the product’s sales rank. Take a look at the below picture to have the idea how a typical graph line will look like.




You can roll over the data points spread across the graph to see the values. You can easily understand when your products performed well with the dropping number and when the sales were low with higher values of sales rank (remember; lower the number, higher the rank).


Next Step!

Once you have started collecting the historical sales rank data, you can use it for analysis. The real purpose is to put your efforts to improve the rank of your products. As the name suggests, you can increase sales rank by increasing sales. To increase sales, Amazon provides several free and paid marketing tools including PPC ads, lightning deals, coupons and more. You also need to optimize your listing for your target keywords to improve amazon sales and ultimately improve the sales rank. With the efforts of increasing sales you indirectly improving the sales rank that in return further boost your sales as both are interdependent.

Sign up your free trial now and start tracking sales rank of your and competitor’s products.

Risha Jason
Risha Jason
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