Importance of Amazon Product Reviews Tracking


Amazon review tracking is very important for the sellers who want to focus on customer satisfaction. Because almost 80% of the customers read reviews before making a buying decision. If you are selling wide range of products and every day getting hundreds of reviews including the negative feedback by the customers, it is very hard to go through all the reviews every day. Imagine that you have a dashboard where you or your team can easily manage all reviews. Our Amazon review checker is the tool you’re thinking about!


Why You Should Track Amazon Product Reviews?

Customer satisfaction is the key to sell on Amazon. Only happy customers will leave the positive feedback of your listing and it will serve as a word of mouth marketing for the upcoming customers. What about the unhappy customers who left the negative feedback and rating? Amazon is a big marketplace so there can be funny reviews, honest reviews, paid reviews and negative reviews. Negative review is the one that have 3 stars or less rating. It will drop your overall rating and leave a bad impact on potential customers, ultimately you will lose sales and ranking.

Now if you are tracking the negative reviews with our tool, you can easily manage to fix them. Contact your customers and help them to resolve any issue with the product. This can lead the customers to delete their negative feedback or convert it to a positive one which is highly unlikely to happen otherwise.


How to Track Customer Feedback on Amazon?

If you are looking to track your customers’ feedback as it appears on your product’s reviews page AMZ Insight is the right tool to get the job done efficiently. Our built-in Amazon products reviews tracker will take this labor intensive job out of your “to do list” and alert you for the negative reviews as they are posted on your listing page. All you have to do is to turn on the negative reviews tracking of the product with just one click.

Our incredibly intelligent Amazon review checker will automatically bring only the negative feedback with author’s name and rating so you don’t have to find them manually. You just have to contact the reviewers from your seller central dashboard and resolve their problems.


What to Do Now?

Now that you know the importance of product reviews tracking and also know how easy it is to track multiple products without spending a huge amount of time. Now it’s your turn to boost your online business. Start tracking the feedback and improve your customer satisfaction level to give a tough time to your competitors. This is the only way you can survive in this ever evolving and highly competitive marketplace.

Let your customers know that you care about their feedback and willing to help them out. Improve your rating and sales by signing up with us now and start tracking your products. We have several packages to choose from according to your needs. You can also try us absolutely free for 10-days to understand the actual value addition of AMZ Insight to your Amazon business.