Everybody loves shopping and especially good deals. When we are shopping at online stores like Amazon, we always seek products with competitive prices. To find out, if you are paying less or more you need to track prices because Amazon changes product prices every day. In the same way, if you are a seller on Amazon then tracking the prices of competitors is also beneficial to adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.

There are plenty of Amazon price tracker available online both free and paid to choose from. The prices go up and down constantly and that’s where these tracking tools become useful. AMZ Insight also offers Amazon price tracking within the product tracking feature which helps you not only get other metrics of your and competitors’ products but also keep track of the fluctuating prices. Take a look at below figure to know how AMZ Insight tracks and display prices in an easy way:

How to Start Tracking Amazon Prices?

It is very easy to track prices in AMZ Insight by just adding ASIN of the product to the tool and it will automatically start tracking the price changes of that item. It covers 10 different marketplaces and track prices constantly. If you wish to keep an eye on the price changes of your competitor’s product, all you need to do is get the ASIN and add it to the tool. After some time once the product tracking is initiated you will start getting the price data along with other useful information related to that product. Over the time, this tool will detect all the changes in pricing of that item and display as a graph. You can track price fluctuation of millions of products in several categories except for some of the digital products such as books, apps, etc.

Started Tracking Amazon Pricing – Now What?

Now that you have the stats of changes in pricing, you will see how they manipulate pricing strategy to win buy box. You can follow the trends and adjust your pricing to beat the competition and make more sales. It is advised by the industry experts that lower prices get more chances to win the buy box. By making more sales you not only get more reviews by the original buyers but also improved rankings in Amazon search results.