Understanding Basics of Keywords Research?

It means identifying the actual queries and search terms that people enter into search engines to find products according to their need. In the same way, keywords research is necessary for the Amazon sellers to find the related keywords within a specific marketplace to improve the ranks of their products in order to get more sales. There are several research tools available online for keywords identification, not to mention Google Keywords Planner and the Amazon itself offers search suggestions that can be used to further expand keywords research. There are also several Amazon keyword tools available to assist you in comprehensive keywords research. Although these tools offer you keyword suggestions but most of them lacks the keywords tracking feature.

Considering AMZ Insight, a tool that not only finds the best keywords for you but also let you track Amazon keywords rank for your products.

Generate More Business Giving Keywords Ideas

To find the best keywords simply use the Keywords Ideas tool in the AMZ Insight. Enter a seed keyword in the search suggestions bar and click search. Now, you will start getting all the relevant keywords that the tool actually collects from the Amazon search suggestions with good search volumes. You can easily shortlist your keywords and also export the data in CSV format for external use. If you have just started selling on Amazon it is recommended to improve ranking on long tail keywords first as it is easy to achieve top position on those with more targeted but low search volume.

How to Set Amazon Keywords Tracking?

Once you have shortlisted and selected your desired keywords for a specific product, simply go to product tracking page and add keywords by clicking (Add Keywords “+”) button. On the pop up box you can paste keywords one per line and add to the products. Tracking of all the keywords will begin automatically that you added to the product. An Amazon keywords rank tracking tool will continuously track your keywords and show you exactly where your products are ranking on those keywords in Amazon search results.

How to Improve Amazon Keywords Ranking

Now, achieving rankings on amazon is not a big deal rather improving them to climb up the ladder. By carefully adding desired keywords to the product title and description you can significantly improve the chances of ranking high on those keywords. Insight will soon be adding Super URL feature that will help you create Amazon SEO friendly URLs of your product pages to positively affect the rankings of your product on targeted keywords.

Supers URLs will have the targeted keywords and product page URL that you can promote and share via social media, blogs, email campaigns, etc. and when a visitor will click on that URL it will take him to the product page. The target URL will be displayed automatically on the Amazon search bar as if it is actually searched. This will help your keyword rankings to improve organically and get you more sales.

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