Learn the Basics About Amazon Sales Rank


What Is a Sales Rank on Amazon?

In Amazon, sales rank, aka the Best Seller Rank (BSR) is the rank of any product in the main category or sub-categories. A product can be ranked differently in main and sub-category i.e. It can have a rank #57 in main category and #23 in the sub-category. Lower the number, better the rank and that means more sales of that product.

It also means that you can see how many products are selling more than yours. If your rank is #57 that means there are 56 products selling better than your product in the same category. Amazon sales rank directly affects the sales of your product, so you need to keep on optimizing the product listing and track the rankings with the help of an Amazon sales rank tracker tool.

How Amazon Calculates Sales Rank?

Sales rank calculation is one of the secret algorithms of the Amazon which it does not reveal to the general public. But there are a lot of speculations by industry experts and top sellers explaining different methods of calculating BSR. The most common estimation is said to be the “sales volume” to calculate the sales rank of the product which means more the sales, better the rank. It simply tells that sales volume and sales rank of a product are interdependent.

Some experts say, sales happened in the last 12 to 24 hours are considered for calculating the sales rank but we at AMZ Insight consider that there’s a much larger time frame of sales taken into account. Because, if a product is not sold in last 24 hours it would have to have same BSR which is usually not the case. But definitely, recent sales have more weight in calculation method than the older sales of the same product.

How to Track Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon sales rank tracking is crucial because of ranking’s continuous jump back and forth in the searches. That’s why Amazon BSR tool was designed in a way that it shows you the history of sales rank in graphical way. Take a look at the figure below to understand how easy it is to see the fluctuation in the sales rank over the time. Simply roll over the data points to see the exact rank figures in the categories.



You can simply add a product to tracking tool to start tracking the sales rank data. Over the time graph will be drawn based on sales rank history and you can see when your product performed well and when the sales rank dropped.

How to Improve Sales Rank?

Now that you know what sales rank is, how it is being calculated and how you can track it but the main question now is how you can improve it? The answer is simple – improve sales. Make more sales than your competitors to improve your sales rank. This can be achieved if you are tracking not only yours but also competitor’s sales with the help of an Amazon sales tracker.