6 Amazon Selling Tips to Outperform Your Rivals


Holiday season is approaching fast. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner, Amazon marketplace retailers need to have a concrete plan in collar. To have a profitable holiday season, you need to track prices line up your pricing strategies, settle your inventory and get organized for initial sales promotions.

Scroll down to unveil some note-worthy suggestions so that you can make the most out of this holiday season.

Don’t Take Massive Chance on Black Friday

Although Black Friday buy out lots of media concentration, the fact is that majority of buyers are beginning their holiday shopping season even before. I would suggest augmenting your stock level to 50% greater than October as of 10th of November. Remember, if your stock is sufficient before the holiday season, you surely won’t overlook early sales.

Make Perfect Optimized Listings

Many sellers get their listings stamped out by Amazon because of minute errors like half-done product descriptions, missing pictures, or wrong categorization. Make sure to put all relevant details along with suitable images, so that you won’t miss out an opportunity to make massive sales in the shopping season.

Do not Sell Your Low-Performing Goods on Amazon

Taking on-time decisions is a key to run any business successfully. The condition becomes even more meaningful when you’re trading on one of the biggest e-commerce portals like Amazon. Act proactively about your product selection and stop selling ones which you think are not performing well. Don’t waste your time, energy and money on goods that packs in high rate of returns or are expected to earn negative reviews. By doing so will not only help you boost your sales on Amazon but it will also help you retain your Featured Merchant rank. As the matter of fact, if your low-performing goods are still productive, it’s absolutely not worth the danger of harming your overall account reliability.

Don’t Sell your Products at a Premium

Once in a while overpricing can be a favorable approach for trading on Amazon – particularly if you own an extremely in-demand good. But, if you tag your products additionally 10%-15% than the price listing, you’ll miss the chance to win the Buy Box. However, if you can prove that your product is no longer accessible from the supplier, Amazon Seller Support can take the list price out from listing, which then allows you to value your good at whatsoever extent the market will sustain.

Get Ready for Reduced Profit Margins

I know this sounds a little weird. After all you waited the entire year to make huge sales and profits in the shopping season. But the fact is, majority of retailers make efforts to unload their old stock and there are many who offer goods that they wouldn’t usually sell, so that they can actually deal in on the holiday sales windfall. Due to this competitiveness, you need to be prepared to welcome low profit margins on every article sold.

Deliver Fast

Online buyers usually go to Amazon because they think they will get their products real fast. Let’s speed up and make this happen. After getting orders, you need to have a mechanism at work for getting them out of the stock and reach at your buyer’s doorstep as quick as possible. In case Amazon detect that you are not shipping your products on time, or if you’re getting negative feedback due to slow delivery, you’re going to hit by the lower rankings in Amazon search engines, which will result in loss of sales.

Whatever product you’re dealing in, keep in mind, the only thing that gets you loyal customers and superlative ranking, is the quality and services you’re offering on your page. Take a cue from this post and enjoy incredible sales this holiday season. Happy Selling!