5 Tips for Amazon Sellers to Yield More ROI


Amazon.com is the dark horse in the race of online selling. Store to a vast variety of products and operating in almost all around the globe, Amazon USA also has a huge online seller’s base as well, which range from colossal listed entities to small part-time hobby sellers.

If you’re a seller on Amazon looking to multiply your revenue, the following list will surely help you in achieving your goals:

1) Spot the Best Amazon Sellers

Amazon originally started its operations as an online book-store, but now is host to an audience which can add baby-food to LCD plasma in its shopping cart from this very platform only. As a seller on Amazon, the recognition of potential best-selling products is the first step towards increasing sales and in-turn increasing revenues.

You must research on the categories and products which achieve better results throughout the year irrespective of selling season or specific periods. Analyze and strategize your product selling master plan accordingly.


2) Scan Your Competition

In this implicit prizefight for sales, analyze the product ranks and pricing strategy of your competitor. Make yourself aware of the pricing and marketing strategies executed by your competitor, analyze their product ranks and implement your stratagem according.

Also increase your efficiency and gain an edge by taking advantage of FBA. FBA not only facilitates you through shipping your product, but also helps you save a penny at stock storage, especially if you’re stay-at-home hobby seller on Amazon. More importantly the use of FBA the opportunity to reach out to “Prime Subscribers”, as Amazon expert suggests the purchase rate of Prime subscribers is 150 percent more than that of non-Prime purchasers.


3) Carry Out a Comprehensive Amazon Keyword Research

The algorithm which searches products on Amazon, analyses the keywords used. Consumers purchase what they see. Find out the most searched keywords on Amazon and incorporate them in order to achieve high Amazon rankings.


4) Superintend Amazon Product Reviews

Customer satisfaction should always be the first priority of the seller and when it comes to Amazon.com, product reviews play an important part towards the overall performance of the business in the market. The positivity of the reviews posted and the star ratings gained by the product, determine its ranking on Amazon.

Track and analyze the reviews on amazon posted about your product, especially the negative ones. Listen to the customers and their concerns and resolving them timely converting them a happy customer. In order to save time and efforts opt a smart amazon reviews tracking tool to do the job for you and you can concentrate on improving or maintaining the quality of your product.


5) Use Super URLs for Amazon SEO

Who doesn’t wants top keyword and product ranks in Amazon search? Use Super URLs to take full advantage of the Amazon SEO factor in the marketplace. Use the keyword research tracker and simply amplify your product rankings.

Signup with an amazing Amazon keyword analyzing tool, equipped with a “Super URL” feature to do the hard work for you. Since most of the sellers on Amazon are surely experts of the products and services they endorse, but while some might lack some technical expertise. The keyword tool would not only save time but would also help you in paying attention on customer satisfaction.