4 Challenges Mompreneurs Face with Amazon Selling

Amazon Mompreneurs

The reason why mompreneurs choose Amazon to start their business is the simplicity it has to offer in a life that’s so much busier than any normal businessperson’s.

However, despite the relative ease, there are still a few challenges that mompreneurs have to face when starting their amazon business. With our amazon tool, business life can get even simpler.

Translating Your Passion into Products

So you’ve decided to cut the boredom from your life and start your own business. Time to answer the big question; what should you sell?

  • Turn Your Passion into Money: AMZ Insight’s much-admired keyword popularity tool is one way you can narrow down on a product. Most mompreneurs, when they want to start a business, have an idea about the kind of product they want.
  • What to Do: Type in the name of your niche in our keyword search. The results displayed will include a popularity meter – a scale that will rate your niche’s popularity from 0 -100, with anything above 50 considered popular enough.

Amazon Software

Planning for the Future with Uncertain Present

When mompreneurs are just starting out, they are still unsure of their business’s longevity. With data by their side, they can make big decisions about the future.

  • How much can you make: AMZ Insight’s sales and revenue estimation let’s you peep into the future by telling you if your product is doing well enough to survive the competitive Amazon platform.
  • Goals for the Future: With forecasted data before you, it’s easier for you to lay out precise goals for both, the short-term and the long-term, and layout steps you need to take to achieve these goals.

Keeping Physical Records with Kids to Watch Over

With the hectic life mompreneurs have to encounter, maintaining records and keeping track of everything can get a little hard. This is where AMZ Insight comes in.

  • Historical Data Tracking: Enabling product and amazon keyword tracking on AMZ Insight allows you to record sales, price and review trends as they change. It allows you to follow competitor’s products and analyze how you’re doing against them.
  • Personal Milestones: You can also record the performance of your own products and keywords by comparing your sales data and organic ranking with how your niche is performing on Amazon in general.

Amazon Market Research with Little Access to Data

Mompreneurs usually do not have the connections to get access to top secret industry data for market research and expansion plans.

  • Trend Analysis: AMZ Insight’s trend analysis capabilities let you check the keywords trending for your industry. This means that you’ll know what emerging products might challenge yours.
  • Expansion: Trend analysis entails that you can also keep an eye on upcoming products related to yours. These are potential growth opportunities for you. For example, if you’re selling ‘artwork’, a popular, related niche can be ‘fan artwork’.

So what’re you waiting for? You know you need to simplify your busy life as a mompreneur. Do your business a favor and sign up for AMZ Insight’s free amazon software.


Risha Jason
Risha Jason
Risha J. is an experienced data analyst who specializes in tech trends, business analysis and industry insight. As she believes that data always tells a story, she likes studying numbers, figuring out what they say about the relevant business and how the information can help business leaders take their visions forward. Risha takes a special interest in digital marketing, ecommerce, consumer behavior, online marketplaces and content marketing.