2016 NBA Draft; Have AMZ Insight, the Best Player on Your Side

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The NBA season is upon us and while we watch the Golden State Warriors making headlines after every game, we’re all still eagerly waiting for Draft Day on June 23rd. As we lie in wait for that, we thought of another great team player for basketball selling on Amazon – AMZ Insight.

Running an Amazon business is exactly like participating in the NBA play-offs; you have to score faster and more than your competing team to stay on top. Here’s how AMZ Insight helps you do that.

NBA draft_amzinsight

Draft the Best Products to Sell

With AMZInsight, you can easily navigate the Amazon marketplace to pick and choose products to sell.

In the search bar, type in the keyword you are interested in and you will be able to see the top 5 products under that keyword, top categories, keyword ideas, its popularity and related keywords. You can sell a similar product or go through the entire list to come up with a completely unique product.

Best Seller on Amazin with Amzinsight

Stay on Top of the Table

Get more points and stay on top of Amazon BSRs with AMZ Insight’s tracking features. The Amazon keyword and research tool allows you to track best seller ranks on Amazon against keywords, letting you know which products are selling better on Amazon.

You can also keep a close eye on your competitors by tracking their products and accessing trend changes in their data over time. Find out how their prices have varied over time, how much-estimated sales and revenue they are generating, how competitor’s ranks have changed and the like.

Comparative Analysis on Amazon

Compare Yourself with Opponents

With AMZ Insight’s keyword comparison feature, you will be able to pit your own keywords against your competitor’s keywords to see which ones are doing better.

Discover which marketplaces are more popular with your keyword and where your competitor’s keywords are stronger. Also, find out previously unknown products in your own niche to expand your product line. You can also track both your product and your competitors to see how each is doing, over time.

critics and reviews in amazon

Hear What the Critics Have to Say

As in the NBA, it is very important to listen to feedback, regardless of whether it is coming from sports experts, former players, your coaches or the public. Similarly, Amazon sellers have reviews to rely on to perform better and win the Amazon Buy Box.

AMZ Insight lets sellers track their ratings and reviews over time. It tells you how many ratings and reviews you have been generating. You can, then, easily judge whether your product has been trending or creating a buzz on the BSRs.

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Studying Historical Data will Help Score

In the NBA, teams tend to study their own, and each other’s historical data to find trends and predict future odds. Similarly, the Amazon marketplace requires you to study previous trends and make decisions for the future.

AMZ Insight gives you historical trends related to your keywords and products. It tells about price variations, rise or fall in rankings, keyword popularity, marketplace trends, top categories and the like.






Risha Jason
Risha Jason
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