Guide to Amazon PPC Campaign Structuring

In this post we’ll provide you detailed guide on how you can structure your Amazon PPC campaign in order to get the maximum benefits. Structure of Amazon sponsored products comprises on 3 major things; Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and Keywords. Sellers have to decide which products and keywords will be added in which ad group […]

The Code Unlocked – Why to use an Amazon Tracking Tool

Do you know each year, an average Amazon seller loses around 25% of his sales to his competitor, solely because of his unawareness of what actually is going around in his competitor’s tent. When it comes to business, whether online or physical, the situation is not different from a war-zone. Precision and calculation are important, […]

3 Best Reasons To Rely On An Amazon Tracking Tool

Amazon selling have proven to be a productive business idea, during the last couple of years as reported by The Guardian, the average recorded growth was around 20%. While Amazon selling has proven its worth as ‘shiny material’ worth putting an effort for, the use of an Amazon tracking tool can take a share of […]

3 Amazon Entrepreneurship Tips For Housewives

Amazon is the number one online marketplace at present. With an average annual growth of around 20 percent, Amazon has simply been the game changer when it comes to online markets, by becoming a positive contributor towards the encouragement of self-employment and entrepreneurship. Since a major chunk of Amazon sellers comprise of stay-at-home hobby sellers […]

Amazon’s Launchpad Helps Startups with Innovative Ideas

Have a killer idea for a new Amazon startup business but don’t know how to begin? Don’t worry, with Amazon’s Launchpad, you’re in safe hands. Amazon claims that Launchpad is designed to help new sellers “launch, market and distribute their products.” What Does Amazon Launchpad Do? The idea is not new. Other Marketplaces (like Shopify) […]

Unpacking The AMZ Insight’s Free Amazon Tool

You may have heard that AMZ Insight is now offering its Amazon tool for free with 30 days trial to startups looking to enter the online selling space and to enterprises wanting to expand their businesses. Our free tool is tailor-made for businesses that want to explore new horizons, keep an eye on old ones […]

AMZInsight’s Eligibility Check – When to Subscribe

Thinking of subscribing with AMZInsight? You need to make sure your business ticks at least one of the following before hitting the subscribe button: A working Amazon seller account. An Amazon account for USA, Australia, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe. At least one product listing on the marketplace. Your niche has a high […]

How Can You Influence Your Customer’s Purchasing Decisions?

In the age of social media, consumers tend to know about their brands a lot more than when the internet was not commonplace. In an age of increasing interactions, one has to wonder why customers feel closer to some brands as compared to others. An amazon seller will probably feel this difference more, since customers […]

How to Track Competition With Amazon Keyword Tool?

Are you losing Amazon sales because of a higher-ranking competitor? Are you unsure of the keywords to target to attain maximum sales? If you answered in the affirmative, then this article will help you overcome some of the obstacles you have been facing as a seller on Amazon. With the help of this blog, you […]

How to Use Keyword Monitoring Tool for Amazon?

Keyword analytics are among the most important tools for any seller on Amazon. With their aid, you can monitor your product’s views and sales. Additionally, you can also figure out a way to increase your product’s ranking and maintain a steady sales graph over longer periods of time. As on Google, there are ways to monitor […]

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