Amazon’s Pro Sellers Reveal Selling Secrets and Stats from the Marketplace

In multiple surveys conducted by Web Retailer, Amazon sellers have revealed a number of secrets pertaining to their own selling experience, how much money they make and how they found a lasting career on the marketplace. So Amazon startups, pay attention. Most Amazon Sellers have Markups of as Much as 50% According to the survey: […]

The 10 Commandments of Amazon Selling

Amazon’s popularity with customers makes it a very strict place for sellers. There are certain rules, or as we like to call them, Ten Commandments of selling through amazon that all new sellers must keep in mind. 1.  Thou Shalt Not Lead Customers Away From Amazon Amazon has strict rules against diverting sales to other […]

How to Track Competition With Amazon Keyword Tool?

Are you losing Amazon sales because of a higher-ranking competitor? Are you unsure of the keywords to target to attain maximum sales? If you answered in the affirmative, then this article will help you overcome some of the obstacles you have been facing as a seller on Amazon. With the help of this blog, you […]

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