Guide to Amazon PPC Campaign Structuring

In this post we’ll provide you detailed guide on how you can structure your Amazon PPC campaign in order to get the maximum benefits. Structure of Amazon sponsored products comprises on 3 major things; Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and Keywords. Sellers have to decide which products and keywords will be added in which ad group […]

The Code Unlocked – Why to use an Amazon Tracking Tool

Do you know each year, an average Amazon seller loses around 25% of his sales to his competitor, solely because of his unawareness of what actually is going around in his competitor’s tent. When it comes to business, whether online or physical, the situation is not different from a war-zone. Precision and calculation are important, […]

3 Tips to Improve Sales on Amazon in 2017

Since the competition has become intense on Amazon, world’s largest search engine for products, it has become even more important for the sellers to adopt advances sales strategies and tools to keep up with the competition. Amazon’s main objective is to make more and more money so the search engine’s algorithms play vital role to […]

How to Promote Your Products on Amazon?

Amazon offers 5 different promotional tools for the sellers. You can use these to promote your listing or a part of it. Free Shipping: You can offer free shipping to your customers Money Off: Discounted price can be offered on any product which is then listed as ‘reduced’. Buy 1 Get 1: In this type […]

How to Optimize Your Listings on Amazon for Higher Ranks

In this post, we’ll go through the very basic guidelines for Amazon SEO that must be performed to optimize your listing’s to rank higher in search results. it’s not easy to rank high on Amazon! Amazon’s algorithm also checks how many sales a product generates and click through rate along with other important factors to […]

Amazon Tracker – An Amazing Tracking Tool for Sellers

Are you an Amazon seller? Struggling hard to keep up with the competition and make sales? What if you knew what your competitors are doing to draw more ROI? What if you had the ability to know what products are exactly being searched by people to buy in your niche? If you wish to have […]

How to Track and Deal Negative Reviews on Amazon?

Negative reviews or low ratings on Amazon are always annoying for the sellers. It drops the average rating of the product on Amazon especially when you have very less reviews count by the customers. Even if your product has good rating still many customers specifically look for the negative reviews to get the idea of […]

Can Amazon Tracking Software Really Help in Selling More?

Let’s admit this, Amazon is a giant in the game of online marketplaces. During the next five years, the estimated growth in Amazon’s revenue is expected to be about 33.64%. But, making this estimate a reality won’t be an easy task at hand. Selling on Amazon is a completely different adventure. While there a lot […]

3 Best Reasons To Rely On An Amazon Tracking Tool

Amazon selling have proven to be a productive business idea, during the last couple of years as reported by The Guardian, the average recorded growth was around 20%. While Amazon selling has proven its worth as ‘shiny material’ worth putting an effort for, the use of an Amazon tracking tool can take a share of […]

Amazon Keywords Ranking: Proven Tips & Tricks

We at AMZinsight, have been flooded with inquiries about keyword rankings that, how can I use Amazon keywords rankings data to improve my business? Well, we have discussed with few Amazon experts and sellers as well as to put together our knowledge to answer this thoroughly for your understanding. Let’s be clear that selling on […]

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