Top 5 Diwali Products to Sell on’s Great Indian Festival Sale

Diwali is just a week away but before the celebrations begin, Indians are going to come online in throngs to buy gifts as tokens of appreciation for their loved ones. Here are 5 products you can sell for the Diwali sale on Amazon. Diwali Gift Boxes to Sell on Amazon While buyers will get different […]

Amazon FBA has Shown Remarkable Year-on-Year Growth, New Study Claims

In a new study conducted by Channel Advisor, it was revealed that more and more Amazon sales are being fulfilled through Amazon’s FBA, even though the use of FBA on other marketplace websites has decreased. 40% of Goods’ Value Shipped through FBA The data revealed that 40.6% of the value of the total goods sold […]

Make Your Amazon Selling Great Again

Election fever is in full swing in the US and we’re sure our Amazon sellers aren’t unaffected by it. Whether you’re voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, one thing is for sure – we’re all eager to see the fulfillment of the promises of boost in business and economy, made throughout the campaign. But […]

How Startups Can Begin Selling on Amazon from Outside USA

Ecommerce sales in the US are exploding. One only needs to run an eye over the following bar graph to see how big the industry is slated to be. Unsurprisingly, a huge chunk of this money is going to come from Amazon’s USA platform. Did you know that you can cash in on the online […]

Will Volkswagen’s Car-Net Incorporate Features for Amazon Sellers?

In a recent article published on, Volkswagen (VW) has blatantly stated that they want to be “more like Amazon”. They’ve also stated that they plan to add a plethora of new features to their new range of cars. Read on to learn how they plan to do this. What’s Volkswagen’s Car-Net? Standard in most […]

Amazon Bars Sellers from Incentivized Reviews – Here’s how that’s Good for Startups

According to Tech Crunch, Amazon sellers can no longer give any kind of incentive for reviews, apart from those coming from Amazon’s Vine Program. This includes discounts and samples given to professional reviewers, too. According to an update issued on, “Our community guidelines have always prohibited compensation for reviews, with an exception – reviewers […]

Checklist of Amazon Dos and Don’ts for Startups

Looking to enter the Amazon selling space but don’t know what works and what doesn’t? Here’s a checklist of things you must and must not do if you want to achieve lasting success on the Amazon Marketplace. These instructions apply to all Amazon marketplaces, including UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The Dos of Selling on […]

How Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From New Apple 2016 Releases?

So Apple’s special iPhone 7 event is over and they’ve made all kinds of announcements – some extremely controversial, some a bit drab. However, Apple is still huge enough to shake up all corners of the tech world – even Amazon. Here’s how you, as a seller on amazon, can benefit from all the new […]

4 Ways to Sell Your Amazon Product – the Non-Techie Edition

Want to sell online but scared of the technical details that entails? Fortunately, you don’t actually need a truckload of technical experience to make a career out of online selling. In this blog post, we’ve laid out 4 techniques the very best Amazon sellers – and the world over – swear by. Create Curiosity for […]

How to Start Selling on Amazon in Only $1000?

Want to start your very own Amazon business? You don’t need a huge amount of money to begin your own entrepreneurship – that’s what’s so great about amazon selling. In this blog post, how to start a selling business on Amazon – in under 1000 bucks! Some Basic Presumptions To begin with, we’re laying out […]

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