Product Photography Tips for Amazon Sellers

As you going to launch your private label product on Amazon, keep in mind that having quality product photos is essential for a successful listing. So being familiar with Amazon’s product photos requirements is highly recommended by industry experts. Today, I’ll take you through the best practices for Amazon product photos to make your listing […]

Protecting Your Amazon Listing from Other Sellers

This post is especially for those Amazon sellers who are selling private label products on amazon and have built a brand to sell their own manufactured or imported items. It is very common that many products on Amazon have several sellers who sell the similar items to the customers. If you as a seller have […]

Can Product Reviews and Ratings be termed as “Indirect Marketing”?

Reviews and ratings do play a great part when it comes to the performance of a particular product. Every seller will only speak the good about his product and not only that he will also make sure that he discredits the substitutes so much, that his product eventually emerges out the victorious (even though the […]

How to Promote Your Products on Amazon?

Amazon offers 5 different promotional tools for the sellers. You can use these to promote your listing or a part of it. Free Shipping: You can offer free shipping to your customers Money Off: Discounted price can be offered on any product which is then listed as ‘reduced’. Buy 1 Get 1: In this type […]

Why the Most Favorable Marketplace for Sellers?

The internet has changed the dynamics of entrepreneurship. With an audience comprising of more than 80% of the total population of the world, online selling is a safe-bet. If you’ve ever played the game of cricket, in addition to your expertise with the ball and bat, the ground and the weather conditions, do play a […]

Amazon Tracker – An Amazing Tracking Tool for Sellers

Are you an Amazon seller? Struggling hard to keep up with the competition and make sales? What if you knew what your competitors are doing to draw more ROI? What if you had the ability to know what products are exactly being searched by people to buy in your niche? If you wish to have […]

All You Need to Know About Amazon Sales Rank

What Is a Sales Rank on Amazon? In Amazon, sales rank, aka the Best Seller Rank (BSR) is the rank of any product in the main category or sub-categories. A product can be ranked differently in main and sub-category i.e. It can have a rank #57 in main category and #23 in the sub-category. Lower […]

Santa Knows It All – Amazon Startup Tips For Maximum Profits

Have you ever thought that there are numerous ways to make online money other than blogging? There may be an option you hadn’t checked earlier. Yes, you got it right. You can start selling on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform catering thousands of traders worldwide. However, like all other startups, Amazon selling isn’t a […]

5 Top Products To Sell on Amazon on this Christmas

Holiday sales, Christmas sales chiefly, comprise a great part of revenue for sellers on Amazon. As reported by New York Times, the recorded jump in sales on Amazon, during the last quarter in 2015 was about 22 percent. The significance of Amazon Christmas can simply be estimated from the fact the length of Rope King […]

Quick Guide to Make More Money By Selling Private Label Products on Amazon

With rising demand for niche products and expanding competition on Amazon, multiple sellers have decided to experiment into the private label market. Trading your very own label can be demanding yet rewarding, as it involves thinking productively regarding how to fulfill rising customer requirements. Although, Amazon is conceivably making it difficult for third-party traders to […]

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