Why AMZInsight is the Perfect Amazon Research Tool for Private Labeling

You’ve come to the right place. Not only is Amazon the best place for anyone to launch their own brand, but our very own Amazon research tool makes the journey a whole lot easier. Why Amazon is Perfect for Private Labels If the product you’ve decided to sell is truly new and different, is found […]

AMZInsight’s Eligibility Check – When to Subscribe

Thinking of subscribing with AMZInsight? You need to make sure your business ticks at least one of the following before hitting the subscribe button: A working Amazon seller account. An Amazon account for USA, Australia, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe. At least one product listing on the marketplace. Your niche has a high […]

3 Tips to Boost Sales with an Amazon Sales Tracking Software

Imagine; you come up with an innovative product to list on amazon, you have the best support team you could but you don’t actually make any sales because you neglected a major catalyst for profits on amazon – marketing. To target a market, you need data and for access to data, you need a reliable […]

Basic Keyword Research Formula for Newbie Amazon Sellers

While both Google and Amazon can be expected to change their algorithms to stay current, what remains the same through all these updates is that search still depends on hitting the right keywords. Therefore, in this blog, we tell you how to initiate keyword research if you want to sell on Amazon. Begin by Brainstorming […]

AMZInsight’s New User Interface – More Efficient, Glamorous and User-Friendly

On August 1st, 2016, AMZInsight will update its amazon keyword tool with a new user interface that is faster, friendlier, better-looking and more efficient than before. Here’s what we’ve bettered. New Tabs and Features for Amazon Sellers The tabs in the new user interface have improved: No tab for dashboard: Since the dashboard is essentially […]

Top 5 Must-have Tools for Amazon Sellers

Selling on Amazon isn’t an easy job and if you’re one of those rookie sellers trying to keep track of everything yourself, you’ll truly struggle. When you’re running a digital shop, you’ll need some digital software, like an amazon product research tool, to help you organize your information, collate necessary data and make smart, informed […]

5 Market Research Trends For Your Amazon Business in 2016 and Beyond

The coming two quarters of 2016 are all set to bring exciting changes in the market research industry, especially for sellers on Amazon. Customers are increasingly demanding personalized service, paving the way for revolutionary market research. 1.    Big Data Overtakes Big Research Big data is cheaper, quicker and covers a whole lot more ground than […]

The 4-Step Guide to Effective Online Branding for Your Amazon Business

With new sellers registering on Amazon every day, customers find it hard to distinguish products, let alone brands. Here’s what you can do to increase sales through branding your product on Amazon: Brand Awareness People will be aware of your brand when they can identify it by some point of uniqueness – no matter what […]

Assassin’s Creed Edition – Beat the Templars with AMZ Insight by Your Side

The new Assassin’s Creed trailer has reminded us how similar the Amazon marketplace is to one of the video game’s battles. You can think of your competitors as the Templars, who rise again after every defeat. No matter what you do, they just don’t go away! With AMZ Insight, you have all you need to […]

How to Win the Amazon Iron Throne with AMZInsight – Game of Thrones Edition

Still reeling from the latest game of thrones shocker? We are, too. So we decided to join in with our friends from Westeros and play the game of thrones in the Amazon marketplace. Becoming a part of the best sellers on Amazon is similar to fighting a battle for the iron throne. The competition is […]

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